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Open International Competition for Master Plan Development for Astrakhan Agglomeration , Astrachan / Russische Föderation

Abgabefrist 07.04.2021


Tag der Veröffentlichung
Offener Wettbewerb
Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER” LLC, Moskau
Open International Competition for Master Plan Development for Astrakhan Agglomeration

Did you know that in Russia in the Volga delta there is a city on 11 islands, riddled with canals? Kaspian goals, Volga Venice or South Petersburg. A city at the intersection of trade and diplomatic routes, a logistics hub, a multinational and multi-confessional center, the cultural heart of the Caspian Sea region? More than 100 nationalities live here, more than 800 objects of cultural heritage are concentrated.

Astrakhan has a huge potential that needs to be developed. Agglomeration creation and the development of its master plan can become one of the drivers of urban development. The master plan, obtained as a result of the open international competitive procedure, will determine the main vectors for the development of the urban agglomeration in the medium and long term.

The open international competition started on March, 17. It became part of a comprehensive work started by the region on the personal instructions of the Governor of the Astrakhan Region Igor Babushkin. The work is carried out by the Agency for Strategic Development „CENTER“ with the support of the Government of the Astrakhan Region, the Administration of the city of Astrakhan and with the participation of leading federal and local experts, as well as taking into account the opinions of the residents of the region and involving them in the process of change. It includes conducting an analytical study and organizing a professional urban planning competition.

The purpose of the master plan is to solve strategic problems of the development of the Astrakhan agglomeration and the region as a whole. The document will make it possible to prioritize development, improve the quality of the environment and the quality of life in urban and rural areas and reduce the outflow of the population. The developed set of measures will contribute to the socio-economic development of the region with direct consideration of the opinions of residents on the development of the territory.

The competition will be held in two stages and will end on July 22.

Applications for participation in the competition will be accepted until April 7. To participate, you need to fill out an application on the official website of the competition www.astraplan.ru/en, provide a portfolio of completed projects demonstrating experience relevant to the project, as well as an essay describing the main ideas that will form the basis of the future master plan.

The total amount of the prize fund is RUB 15,500,000, of which the winner will receive RUB 6,500,000, the 2nd place participant - RUB 5,000,000, the 3rd place winner - RUB 4,000,000

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