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San Juan Cruise Hub , Old San Juan

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Anoushka Sivaraman · Victoria Meadows
Grace Ho · Matthew Rosser · Jan Hajek,

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Javier Sáez Gastearena
Ignacio Ruiz de Erenchun Lizarraga
Patxi Burilllo Nuin, ETSAUN/Spanien

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Kiyeon Shin · Moon Park · Youngjae Lee
Kookmin University/Korea
Offener Ideenwettbewerb für Studenten und Absolventen

Puerto Rico is the most important Caribbean destination, receiving 1.3 million visitors a year. The port of Old San Juan is among the 20 largest in the world. Despite being the busiest port in the Caribbean, the current port infrastructure is insufficient and its precariousness makes it unsustainable. Boarding bridges do not offer any comfort or service. The loading and unloading is done through temporary outdoor stairs and the existing terminal is obsolete.
Despite this, the port comes to accommodate up to 6 cruises simultaneously. For this reason ARCHmedium proposes the construction of a new cruise terminal that optimizes the connection between the city and cruise ships. An ideas competition that raises a double scale: Understanding the terminal as a gateway to Puerto Rico and as a public facility for collective use among the community.
What can a cruise terminal contribute to a city?
The historic district of San Juan de Puerto Rico is known as „Old San Juan“. Cobblestone streets and numerous buildings give evidence of the sixteenth century when the island was a Spanish colony. Numerous shops, squares and churches create a tissue of a traditional city that operates with great success. Unlike most Carribean ports, the port of Old San Juan has excellent conditions with respect to the ancient city.
The port ist located in the city center, allowing the flow of passengers in comfort without having the need to take a taxi or public transportation.

Nataniel Fuster · Carlos Betancourt
Andrés Mignucci · Robin Planas


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