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New mixed-use residential quarters development in the Tushino district of Moscow , Moskau/ Russische Föderation

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Steven Holl Architects, NY 10001
In collaboration with Art-group Kamen
International Design Competition

Steven Holl Architects has proposed a new building typology, “Parachute Hybrids,” which combines residential bar and slab structures with supplemental programming suspended in sections above, like parachutes frozen in the sky. Large circular openings in the towers’ facades give a defining geometric character and express health and social spaces. The master plan is organized to shape public space with maximum sunlight exposure. The buildings wrap around to create large, public garden and playground spaces as a reference to the site’s former use as a paratrooper air field. 

Tushino is located in north-western Moscow along the bank of the Moscow River. For the greater part of the 20th century, the historic site was home to a flying and parachuting school, including the Central Aero Club of the USSR, and acted as an aviation parade ground. In the early 2000s, city officials proposed turning the uninhabited district into an 200,000-square-meter urban center for housing, commerce, offices, entertainment and sports.

Steven Holl Architects is committed to long-term, sustainable design in every project. The design of the Tushino housing project utilizes green roofs, solar pergolas, daylighting, rainwater recycling, and geothermal heating and cooling.Apartments will be enclosed in a thin section facade of operable glass that will help insulate the buildings in winter and create open balconies for every apartment in warmer months. Eco corridors, undisturbed by automotive traffic, run through the site and connect to the Moscow River. 

The first phase of drawings are to be completed March 15, 2018.

For more information, please visit: www.stevenholl.com

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