Wettbewerbe für Architekten und Ingenieure, Landschaftsarchitekten, Architektur Studenten Wettbewerbe für Architekten und Ingenieure, Landschaftsarchitekten, Architektur Studenten

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Neuer Campus für die Universität für Wissenschaft und Technologie (USTH) , Hanoi/ Deutschland

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Europäischer Wirtschaftsraum
Architekt*innen und Ingenieur*innen
47 Arbeiten
[phase eins], Berlin

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A.S. Architecture Studio, Paris
Rene Henri Arnaud
VHA Architects, France
INGEROP International, France
Projet BASE SARL, France

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Coelacanth and Associates (C+A), Nagoya
Yasuyuki Ito
Arch./Stadtpl.: marina stankovic architekten, Berlin
Marina Stankovic · Tobias Jorzick
L.Arch.: PLACEMEDIA, Landscape Architects Collaborative, Tokyo
Shunsaku Miyagi
Klima / Nachhaltigkeit: energydesign (Shanghai) co. Ltd., Shanghai
Ing.: iproplan Planungsgesellschaft mbH,
Ho Chi Minh City/Vietnam
Tragwerk: Schlaich · Bergermann und Partner, Stuttgart
Konstruktion/Kosten: Langdon & Seah Vietnam Co., Ltd, Hanoi/Vietnam

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Auer Weber Assoziierte GmbH, München
Stephan Suxdorf
Arch./Stadtpl.: UBIK Architects JSC, Hanoi Brice Belian
L.Arch.: Agence TER Paysagistes-Urbanistes, Paris, Henri Bava
Tragwerk: HBS JSC, Hanoi
Ing.: HL-PP Ingenieure International GmbH, München

4. Preis

AREP, Paris
Gael Desveaux
Arch./Stadtpl.: Etienne Tricaud · Daniel Claris Brunet Saunier Architecture, Paris
Jerome Brunet
L.Arch.: AREP Ville, Paris
Christophe Chevallier · Chau Nguyen Tragwerk: AREP Ville, Paris
Ing.: AREP Ville, Paris

5. Preis

CPG Consultants Pte Ltd, Singapore
Kuan Chee Yung
Arch./Stadtpl.: Hanoi Design Construction Joint Stock Company, Hanoi
Le Viet Son
Studio Milou Architecture, Paris
Jean Francois Milou
L.Arch.: Studio Milou Architecture, Paris Florence Soulier
Tragwerk: CPG Consultants Pte Ltd, Singapore Ing.: CPG Consultants Pte Ltd, Singapore

6. Preis

D’Appolonia S.p.A., Genua
Roberto Carpaneto
Arch./Stadtpl.: IDEAS (TSTUDIO), Rom
S. Mavilio · R. Carlo Ferrari · L. Tung · A. Vecchi G. Lo re · I. Severi · L. Zevi · C. Bodesmo
B. Ruggero G. Carletti · F. Ferone
G. Giampiccolo · A. Laganà · E. Immè
L. Pergolesi · G. Tonelli · A. Paduano
L.Arch.: Caravaggi Lucina Architect, Rom
L. Caravaggi · C. Imbroglini · G. Fantilli · R. Pavia Tragwerk: IDEAS, Mailand
Ing.: D’Appolonia S.p.A., Genua
Begrenzter, international offener Wettbewerb zur Auswahl von 6 Teilnehmer*innen

Der Wettbewerb für die Planung eines Campus für die USTH im Hao Lac High Tech Park umfasst ein Gebäudeensemble für die Universitätsgebäude, Studentenunterkünfte und die Stadt- und Landschaftsplanung. Die Vision für den Campus sieht eine Ensemble vor, das aus beispielhaften, modernen und nachhaltigen Gebäuden besteht. Eine markante Architektur soll den Campus nach außen hin als Forschungs-, Innovations- und Kulturstätte wirken lassen. Der Campus soll aber nicht nur die besten Forschungs- und Lehrbedingungen bieten, sondern auch zu einem Quartier mit hoher Lebensqualität werden. Die Gestaltung der Freiräume soll die Schräglage des Geländes und seine Seen und Teiche miteinbeziehen. Das Raumprogramm mit 391.053 m2 ist für 15.000 Studenten geplant und umfasst
- Verwaltung 21.570 m2
- Lehrgebäude 150.033 m2
- Studentenwohnheime etc. 106.536 m2
- Dienstleistungen 112.914 m2

Competition assignment
A campus shall be planned for the USTH in Hoa Lac High Tech Park with exemplary, contemporary and sustainable buildings, representing research, innovation and culture. It shall offer the best educational and research conditions and become a lively quarter that is attractive to live in. The landscape design has to incorporate the sloping topography and the park’s lakes and ponds. The program with 391.053 m2 shall cater for 15.000 students, incl. areas for administration, academic facilities, dormitories and services.

Prof. Bui Van Ga, MOET
Dr. Nguyen Van Ngu, PMU-USTH
Prof. Dr. Le Tran Binh, USTH
Florence Kohler, Architect and Representative of France
Prof. Donald Bates, Architekt, Melbourne
Khuong Van Moui, Universität of Architecture HCMC, Vietnam
Prof. em. Rodolfo Machado, Architekt, Boston
Tobias Micke, Landschaftsarchitekt, Berlin
Dr. Tran Thanh Bình, Architekt, Institute for Research and Design of Schools Hanoi
Pham Thanh Tung · Tron Duy Tao
Patrick R. Lizot · Nguyen Thi Vinh Ha
Nguyen Quoc Huy · Prof. Nguyen The Hien
Nguyen Quang Hung · Pham Hong Viet

The University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, VietnamADB Quality Based Selection Procedure for Architecture and Engineering consultants with embedded Design Competiton current news The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) is proud to present the publication of the Request for Expression of Interest (RfEOI) for another New Model University Project „The University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, Vietnam“.The Consultant Services Recruitment Notice (CSRN) has been published on the website of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).csrn.adb.org/csrn/homeInterested firms are invited to express their interest via the ADB website.The deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest (EOI) isMarch 27, 2014 11:59 PM Manila local timeThe consultant team for another New Model University Project (The Vietnamese-German University near HCMC/Vietnam) has recently been selected, for more information please visit:www.phase1.de/projects_vgu_results_e.htmclient Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET)Implementing Unit:Project Management Unit - University of Science andTechnology of Hanoi Development (New Model University) Project (PMU-USTH)project background The University of Science and Technology of Hanoi Development (New Model University) Project (the Project) is being implemented by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) with funds from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and counterpart fund from the Government of Viet Nam. The objective of the Project is to establish the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) to become a leading training and research center at regional and international standards. The total project budget is 210 million USD and planned to be implemented from 2012 to 2017.project description Expected scale of USTH’s campus: i) Construction budget: around US$98.5 million (excluding taxes).ii) Expected outcomes: Complete construction of USTH’s new campus by 11/2017 on 65 ha site of the Education and Training Zone located inside Hoa Lac High Tech Park; with modern facilities, ensuring environmental sustainability and effective use of the loan and the Vietnam Government’s counterpart funds.iii) USTH project will be built with a total floor size of around 243,600 sq m, satisfying a training scale of 5,000 students in 2020 and future development expansion with a training scale of 15,000 students in 2030.iv) Expected buildings inside the campus include:Zone A: Administration, facilities for conference, university club, office of the Rector board, learning support center (library).Zone B: Academics and Research, HASS department, biotechnology and pharmaceutical department, material sciences and nanotechnology department, energy department, departments of water, environmental and oceanography, IT and communication department, aerospace department, shared facilities of undergraduate and postgraduate level, common and typical training areas.Zone C: Dormitory and Student activities: in-door sport, out-door sport, dormitories.Zone D: Services and Infrastructure: waste management, power distribution, maintenance and storage, security and life safety center, infrastructure: parking area; passenger road; landscape; service network.v) The design of USTH’s campus must ensure the following principles: modern designs with traditional and cultural characteristics; serve the purposes of using full capacity; serve teaching purposes, satisfy demands of all subjects studying in the University, and eco friendly architecture with accessibility to disable students and staff. At the same time, the design must satisfy requirements of flexibility, diversity and future expansion. Planning Design must consider USTH’s long-term development in the future; reserve ratio of land and supporting areas must be suitable with development strategy in different stages; land for buildings accounts for no more than 45% of the campus’s total area.More information is available in the Consultant services Recruitment Notice (CSRN) as posted on the Asian Development Bank Website:csrn.adb.org/csrn/homesite The USTH will be located in the industry environment of Hoa Lac High-Tech Park creating a factor conducive to research and innovation. Hoa Lac High-Tech Park (HHTP) is located in Thach That district, 30 km from downtown Hanoi and 47 km from Noi Bai International Airport. It therefore occupies a strategic position in the Hanoi-Hai Phong-Quang Ninh economic triangle and will play a vital role in industrializing and modernizing the local and national economy. It is forecast that the population of this zone will grow to 143,500 persons by 2015, or 13 times more than the current figure.participants The PMU-USTH, Ministry of Education and Training, invites eligible consulting firms to express interest in providing the consulting services. The Architects and Engineering Consultant will be selected through a competition managed by the Architectural Design Competition Management (ACDM) Consultant [phase eins]. This procedure is to select the best architectural design which meets the requirements of planning, design, architecture and construction, landscape, technical quality, aesthetics, functions and economic use of the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi Development (New Project University) Project, reaching standards of international top-ranking universities and suitable to the conditions of Vietnam. The ADCM will shortlist six (6) Architect and Engineering Consultant (AEC) firms according to the criteria described in the RfEOI. Then will select a qualified AEC firm through a design competition to do the planning and architectural design of USTH’s construction work at reasonable design costs. A full description of services is detailed in the outline of Terms of Reference (TOR) which can be downloaded from the ADB website. The services are expected to be carried out commencing from 2015 and are expected to be completed by end of 2017.selection procedure Selection will be done through a Quality-Based Selection (QBS) method pursuant to Guidelines on the Use of Consultants by Asian Development Bank and its Borrowers (March 2013 as amended from time to time). The EOIs will be evaluated based on (i) eligibility; (ii) conflict of interest; (iii) licensed as Architects and Engineering Consultants as regulated by the country where the firm is registered; (iv) management competence; (v) technical competence; and (vi) geographical competence.Interested firms are invited to express their interest via the ADB website:csrn.adb.org/csrn/homedesign contest The Quality-Based Selection (QBS) will comprise a design competition. With their proposal the shortlisted consultants will be asked to prepare an urban design proposal for the new USTH Campus, complemented by a design proposal for selected buildings.prizes The client will award prize money in respect of services rendered in preparing the design proposal.jury Design proposals will be evaluated by an international jury. The jury will also select the prizewinners.Architectural Jurors:• TBD, international architect• TBD, international architect• TBD, international architect• TBD, international landscape architect• TBD, national architectDeputy Architectural Jurors:• TBD, national architectGeneral Jurors:• TBD, representative of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET)• TBD, representative of the Ministry of Construction (MOC)• TBD, representative of the University Implementation Unit/University of Science and Technology Hanoi (UIU/USTH)• TBD, representative of French authoritiesDeputy General Jurors:• TBD, representative of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET)• TBD, representative of the Ministry of Construction (MOC)• TBD, representative of the University Implementation Unit/University of Science and Technology Hanoi (UIU/USTH)• TBD, representative of French authoritiescompetition management [phase eins]. Eichelmann Hossbach Lehmhaus, Architects BDA VBI Berlin/Germany is coordinating and managing the design competition on behalf of the Client:Project Management Unit (PMU-USTH)11th floor, Building B1, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Tran Dai Nghia Str. Hai Ba Trung Dist. Hanoi, Socialist Republic of Vietnam.Tel: +84-4-36231663; Fax: +84-4-36231659; Email: contact@pmu-edu.vnschedule The tentative schedule for the design competition is as follows:Consultant Selection Committee Meeting March 2014Distribution Request for Proposal May 2014Question forum May to June 2014Participants’ colloquium (in Vietnam) June 2014Closing time for proposal end of July 2014Jury meeting September 2014

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