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Cuntan International Cruise Center , Chongqing/ China

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MAD Architects

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gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner

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Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research CO., LTD.
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Competition assignment
As the main part of linking area between the historical and cultural bay area (where the two rivers converge) as the main axis of urban development and function area of the “Two Rivers and Four Banks”. Cuntan plays an important role in the variations of Two Rivers and Four Banks symphony featuring highlighted Changjia Huizhu and Guangyang Island. As a result, the grand Chongqing Symphony full of inspiration is playing as well. In addition, Cuntan area will turn into the hub port, advancing side by side with Changjiahui, Science City, Smart Park, Guangyang Island, and Art Bay while with a focus on differentiated development. Cuntan area will also lead the construction featuring internationalization, green elements, intelligentized applications, and humanity atmosphere, and will contribute to a new business card as one of the six major cities of Chongqing and becoming an engine for highquality development of Two Rivers and Four Banks, the main axis of development.

Since 2018, with the transformation of Cuntan Port’s functions, it will focus on international tourism, consumption, trade and exchanges and build itself into an international consumption gathering area and an important part of an international consumption center city, a highlighted place for demonstrating city image, and an International New City with the goal of being a new window to the outside world. Cuntan International New City includes Cuntan Port Area, (positioned as a cruise economic zone), Bonded Area (positioned as a bonded economic zone) and Jinshan Area (positioned as an economic zone featuring fashionable industries).

The project is located in the Cuntan Port area taking two TODs as the main engines. The area also covers the three major industrial systems and functions including service, trade and tourism, thus leading to a dynamic and mixed industrial community. The area is home to key projects including the Cuntan International Cruise Center, International Performing Arts Center, International Exchange Park, Mountain Commercial District, Cuntan Cruise Terminal TOD, International Corporate Headquarters Park.

The scope of this design covers the architectural design of the International Cruise Center and the design of upgrading of the architectural style of the port docking area, totaling about 16 hectares. The former design scope covers about 6.6 hectares, with a capacity building area of about 65,000 square meters. In addition to the design scope of the cruise center, we need to do research in port docking area of about 10 hectares and carry out designs for upgrading of surrounding buildings of the port and traffic connection bridges.

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