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Belfast Waterside , Belfast/ Irland

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Henning Larsen Architects A/S, København V
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An improved scheme
Earlier this year, Swinford (Sirocco) Ltd unveiled new plans for the £400 million regeneration of the riverfront site.

Following extensive consultation with communities and other city stakeholders, a new masterplan application is being proposed:
- Emphasising the opportunity of the riverfront with new piers, pontoons and moorings for leisure activities.
- Introducing new uses for community and cultural space, alongside plans for a hotel, cafes, bars, retail and restaurants.
- Reducing overall heights across the site, with lower buildings by the riverfront and chimney.

Premium Office Development
The first phase of development proposed at Belfast Waterside will be a £50 million Grade A office development of around 25,000 sq metres.

The office accommodation is the first stage of ambitious proposals to regenerate Belfast Waterside into a river-side destination. A planning application will be submitted for this first phase which will help meet Belfast’s shortage of high quality Grade A office space.

Connecting the East Bank into the City Centre
Proposals for the 16-acre site will include a landmark pedestrian and cycle footbridge creating a new connection from the city core to the east of the city.

The bridge and masterplan will emphasise the re-integration of the East Bank with the rest of the city. In so doing it will help to link the whole East Belfast community with the city centre.

Future Regeneration
Proposals for residential development will follow early in the new year.

Belfast Waterside will regenerate the currently derelict site with a mix of 750 new homes including social housing, modern office accommodation and vibrant public spaces.

The proposals will create construction jobs and modern workspaces for approximately 5,500 people, contributing to the 46,000 new jobs Belfast City Council are seeking to create by 2035.

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