Wettbewerbe für Architekten und Ingenieure, Landschaftsarchitekten, Architektur Studenten Wettbewerbe für Architekten und Ingenieure, Landschaftsarchitekten, Architektur Studenten

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24h Competition 13th edition - mars , Lissabon/ Portugal

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1. Preis

Stephanie Wyant · Isabel Clay · Joshua Rigeslford · Glyn Whibley · Dellanie
Byron, Portsmouth/UK

2. Preis

Cosmin O. Galatianu · Cristian Besliu · Horia Munteanu, Bukarest/Rumänien

3. Preis

Eduardo Chirlaque Rico · Francisco Marco Peñas, Alicante/Spanien
Offener internationaler Ideenwettbewerb

A space where the time limit is used to stimulate your creativity.
This competition proposes give responses in 24H to the social problems, climate changes, humanitarian causes and sociologic problems of the contemporary societies.
Commitment, perseverance, inspiration and hard work are the necessary bases to develop a proposa that meets the premises that will be released regularly in the brief of the competition.
We challenge you to prove your talent in 24 hours!
There are a period of registration on the competition, when it end, started the 24H competition!
You have 24H to develop a proposal that responds to the program contained on a brief that you only know on the same day that start competition.
Take the risk!

Red Planet.
The fourth planet from the sun.
Volcanic basalt surface.
Olympus Mons the largest mountain in the solar system.
radius: 3.390 km
gravity: 3,711 m/s²
Daylength: 1d 0h 40m
bulk: 6,39 × 10^23 kg (0,107 M⊕)
Surface area: 144.800.000 km²
This is a competition in 24 hours so you only have access to the brief on the contest day
Download on October 15 12:00pm (noon) (London GMT+0:00)
but do not forget that you always have to register before October 15 at 11:49 am (London GMT + 0:00)

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