Wettbewerbe für Architekten und Ingenieure, Landschaftsarchitekten, Architektur Studenten Wettbewerbe für Architekten und Ingenieure, Landschaftsarchitekten, Architektur Studenten

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The Cuban Square , Havanna / Kuba

Bewerbungsfrist 18.11.2022


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TerraViva S.L.

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The Cuban Square: Architecture Competition
TerraViva S.L.
Via Vallazze 109, 20131, Milano IT
About the Competition
The Cuban Square: Architecture Competition | Located in the Vedado district towards the west side of Old Havana, Plaza de la Revolución is not only one of the largest public squares in the world – 72.000 square meters – but also a place of great historical relevance. The square has been the stage of several of the main events of the Cuban Revolution and the place where up to a million people have congregated at once during civic gatherings. 
This immense concrete surface that was once a lively place, has neither been able to evolve in time, nor been capable of reinventing itself to host possible new urban programs. Laying inert and unused most of the time, the square has become a sort of “public void” where tourists just step by to take the classic picture with Che Guevara’s mural on the background, to then go back to the beach. 
The goal of this competition is to explore the potentialities of Plaza de la Revolución, in order to come up with a design proposal capable of giving it a new life. How could it be transformed into a place for community life and social interaction? What kind of intervention might turn the square into a livelier area, accessible and functional for both local dwellers and international tourists? 
The Cuban Square aims at reinterpreting a space full of history and cultural value through innovative and original projects. Designers are therefore completely free to decide the programs and the type of interventions they want to experiment on the site. Be creative and do not hesitate to “revolutionise” the square! 
The competition is open to students, architects, designers, urbanists, engineers, artists, makers, activists and anyone interested in the fields of design and architecture.
Registrations: from July 18th  to November 18th
Results: on December 19th 2022
1st Prize: 2.500 €
2nd Prize: 1.500 €
3rd Prize: 1.000 €
Gold Mention #1: 250 €
Gold Mention #2: 250 €
Gold Mention #3: 250 €
Gold Mention #4: 250 €
10 Honorable Mentions
30 Finalists
More information and documents at

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