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Open Call: Minimal Shelter Space , Sendai / Japan

Abgabefrist 10.12.2021


Tag der Veröffentlichung
Offener Wettbewerb
Ingenieurwesen/ Fachplanung
AHA / Alliance for Humanitarian Architecture
Open Call: Minimal Shelter Space
AHA / Alliance for Humanitarian Architecture
About the Competition
□³LE Competition is looking for individual shelter solutions for evacuation centers in Japan proposals. Record-breaking rainfall and subsequent flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, heatwaves, and forest fires, humanity is experiencing devastating natural disasters with no signs of easing.
Our homes built to protect us from harsh nature are becoming less effective, and in some cases, we have to abandon our homes for survival, whether temporal or permanent. It is becoming ever more critical to prepare for such dire situations at the best of our abilities. Japan, one of the countries consistently under the threat of various disasters all year long, has experienced many throughout the years. Through these devastating experiences, the government has developed standard disaster evacuation guidelines. Based on the current guidelines, how much of this deals with spatial conditions of evacuees are still questionable. Are we still left to sleep on cold school gymnasium floors sleeping next to a stranger without privacy?
Typically in Japan, public facilities (primarily elementary schools) serve as evacuation centers for that school district community but are also open to anyone in need nearby. Evacuees of all ages and family structures coming there are squeezed into the school gymnasium, spending nights there on the hardwood floor. There is an awareness for improving this substandard condition among individuals and groups, and over time we are starting to see a few evacuation centers implement cardboard beds and partitions.
Alliance for Humanitarian Architecture would like to start a conversation about the spatial and environmental conditions in evacuation centers in Japan through this competition and share our current situations and ideas for improvement. We look forward to seeing submissions from all over the world with diverse yet realistic ideas.
Submit proposals for private space of 2m x 2m x 2m (4²) per person inside a school gymnasium in Japan during disaster evacuation.
Duration of use will be 10 continuous days or more.
Construction (material) costs should be under 30,000JPY with materials available in Japan.
Submission Deadline: December 10, 2021
More information and submission of proposals at

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