Wettbewerbe für Architekten und Ingenieure, Landschaftsarchitekten, Architektur Studenten Wettbewerbe für Architekten und Ingenieure, Landschaftsarchitekten, Architektur Studenten

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Mobius Awards 2020 , Redondo Beach / Vereinigte Staaten

Bewerbungsfrist 26.08.2020


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Welcome to Mobius Awards, now celebrating our 50th year. Mobius Awards is an international competition that recognizes outstanding advertising, design and creativity. Since the founding of Mobius in 1971, we have reacted to frontline trends, including new advertising and design platforms. Last year, we introduced the Mobius Awards Cannabis Advertising & Package Design competition. Mobius Cannabis joins Mobius Advertising, Mobius Package Design and Mobius Student.

Competition awards include First-Place Mobius Statuette, Second-Place Certificate for Outstanding Creativity, Spec Advertising Certificate, Student Certificate. Best of Show (Grand Prix Nominee) and Best of Show (Grand Prix) Statuette are selected from Mobius Awards First-Place winners.

The Mobius Awards gold statuette is easily recognized by its Mobius strip shape, a symbol of an ongoing and never-ending exchange of thoughts and ideas. The statuette is proudly displayed in the offices of agencies, production companies and design firms around the world.

Winners are selected by an international jury. Each entry is judged on its individual merits, including effectiveness and creativity. The judging outcome can result in multiple First Place Mobius and/or Second Place Certificate winners or no winners in any category or media type. No Best of Show is awarded in a medium if no winner in that group stands out from other winners.

Mobius Awards headquarters have been in Los Angeles, California, since 2001 under the leadership of Lee W. Gluckman Jr., Chairman.

Entries must have been Created, Produced, Published, Marketed, Screened, Aired or Reintroduced during this time period: October 1, 2019 – October 1, 2020
Call for Entry: May 2020
Early Entry pricing ends: June 24, 2020
Regular Entry pricing begins: June 25, 2020
Regular Entry pricing ends: August 25, 2020
Late Entry pricing begins: August 26, 2020
Entry Deadline: October 1, 2020
Judging Results Released: January 2021

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