Wettbewerbe für Architekten und Ingenieure, Landschaftsarchitekten, Architektur Studenten Wettbewerbe für Architekten und Ingenieure, Landschaftsarchitekten, Architektur Studenten

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Data Landscape , Triveneto / Italien

Bewerbungsfrist 12.02.2023


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Manni Group
YAC - Young Architects Competitions, Bologna
Data Landscape
Via Borgonuovo 5
40125 Bologna, Italy
Manni Group
“Data will be the new oil”.
Alec Ross.
Metaverse, avatar, cryptocurrencies. The digital world is just as real as the material world. Whatever the activity we carry out online, its ultimate and univocal implication in the empirical world will be data. 
Despite their apparent volatility, digital data have deeply material roots. Physical spaces are needed to file them, technologies are needed to secure them and huge quantities of energy are needed to access them at any time.
Datacentres are the material trace of the digital world. The more this world grows, the more they multiply, thus acquiring an essential value and playing a key role for the society of the future. 
For a long time, they have been considered infrastructures rather than architectures. Yet, numerous recent experimentations show that datacentres can become landmarks of modern cities. They can be an opportunity to repurpose abandoned architectures and places that are no longer in use in an innovative way. 
This is the case of a former military bunker along the Venetian Prealps. It is an architecture that is considered difficult to reuse due to the presence of isolation segments and underground spaces – characteristics that, in fact, turn out to be advantages when building a datacentre. 
How to make the most of the characteristics of a military architecture in designing a modern datacentre? How to integrate this function into the jaw dropping landscape? 
These are the underlying questions of Data Landscape. This is Manni Group’s competition to imagine a new generation of datacentres which fit in the landscape to generate magnificent and iconic architectures. 
Datacentres are the sign of contemporaneity. They are intended to change the face of cities just the way railway stations, factories, and large buildings have always done in order to meet the needs of the time. Taking an interest in datacentres today means writing a significant chapter of the cities of tomorrow.
Manni Group thanks all architects who will take up this challenge.
Patrick Lüth, Snøhetta
Wahlström Walter Mats, Ateljé Ö
Enrico Frizzera, Manni Group
Lorenzo Bottinelli, BASF
Alessandro Adamo, DEGW Lombardini 22
Fedele Canosa, Mecanoo Architecten
Giorgio Ventre, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II - Apple Academy
Gianandrea Gazzola
Samuele Tommasi, Comune Sant‘Anna d‘Alfaedo
Jelena Vicic, BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group
1st Prize: 10.000 €
2nd Prize: 4.000 €
3rd Prize: 2.000 €
Gold Mention BASF: 1.000 €
Gold Mention Manni Sipre - Manni Green Tech „The Power of Steel“: 1.000 €
Gold Mention Sopan „Flat Roof Solutions“: 1.000 €
Gold Mention Isopan „Ventilated Facade“: 1.000 €
10 Honorable Mentions
30 Finalists
Early Bird Registration (65 €/team*): Nov 21, 2022 – Dec 18, 2022
Standard Registration (85 €/team*): Dec 19, 2022 – Jan 15, 2023
Late Registration (115 €/team*): Jan 16, 2023 – Feb 12, 2023
Material Submission Deadline: Feb 15, 2023
Jury Summoning: Feb 20, 2023
Results Announcement: Apr 10, 2023
* +22% VAT. Fulfilling an “Early bird”, “Standard” or “Late” registration does not affect submission deadline.
More information and documents at

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