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14.09.2017 - The Spit in Nizhny Novgorod – a Town-planning Comprehension of the Important Urban Public Space
Nizhny Novgorod, Russland

Union of Moscow Architects
Nizhny Novgorod Department of the Union of Architects of Russia

Open Architectural and Urban Competition

The aim of the Competition is to provide architectural and town-planning ideas that meet the requirements of the Competition programme. The Competition is held with international participation.

The main task formulated for the Competition participants is to suggest a conceptual solution demonstrating a contemporary approach to the complex development of the introduced site and to transformation of the former storehouse and public utilities areas of the Nizhny Novgorod spit into the new spaces with elements of public, tourist, and recreational infrastructure integrated into the context of the already existing historical and cultural environment of the city.

The Competitors must offer a town-planning composition, functional zoning and principles of territory improvement intended for active public use and recreation. It is necessary to suggest an approximate nomenclature of buildings, which are supposed to be located in this territory, their functionality, to provide for an easy access to technical services and their maintenance, as well as to envisage a necessary number of parking spaces for both: motor cars and tourist buses.

13. und 14. September 2017

56 Arbeiten

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1. Preis
Tatiyana Osetskaya · Aleksandr Salov · Kseniya Vaucherskaya · Tatiyana Yudina, Moskau, Russland
2. Preis
Evgeniy Ass · Olga Aistova · Ekaterina Demina · Eketerina Tinyakova · Alisa Bunyatova, Moskau, Russland
3. Preis
Ekaterina Shebkikina · Ildar Bikkini · Svetlana Igushkina, Saint-Petersburg, Russland
3. Preis
Sergey Michurin · Petr Vasiliev · Natalia Nosova · Ekaterina Kapatun, Moskau, Russland
Massimo Bellotti · Dutsev Mikhail · Fazzini Claudio · Caliari Pier Federico · Gentilini Carola · Bottelli Alice · Donati Giuseppe · Russo Ida Lia · Florin Dan Andresan
Vyacheslav Osipov · Vladislav Osipov · Sazikina Elena · Khaustova Dariya, Moskau, Russland
Arco projekt: Petar Arsich · Danilo Arsich · Ana Vrievich, Belgrad, Serbien
Denis Malkov · Elena Mihaleva, Nizhny Novgorod, Russland
Butusov Andrey · Kusnetsov Aleksey · Shumakova Aleksandra, Moskau, Russalnd
Egor Ribin · Boris Tarasov, Nizhny Novgorod, Russland