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09.08.2017 - Kunstmuseum und Pyynikintori Platz in Tampere/Finnland
Tampere, Finnland

City of Tampere, Finnland

Open international design competition

The purpose of the competition was to find an architecturally high-quality solution for the implementation of the extension of Tampere Art Museum. Another aim was to explore the museum’s spatial starting points and to make the museum more attractive and better known by means of impressive architecture. The Art Museum will be the first new public building in decades to be constructed for art in Tampere.

The competition also looked for ideas for the cityscape and the functions, in order to develop and complement the Pyynikintori Square area as a public urban space. The objective is to improve the square’s general appearance and reorganise the activities within the area of the square. Parking in the area is to be located in an underground parking facility beneath the square.

Suitable housing, retail, and office space were also to be located in the competition area. The objective was to study what would be a suitable volume of new construction to create a high-quality area in terms of cityscape and city structure. The aim was to make the solution as cost neutral as possible. The plan is to cover some of the museum’s construction costs through the sale of the building rights that will be planned in the future.

The competition looked for high-quality, impressive architecture that respects the values of the city’s structure and architecture, as well as an urban space in which the solutions for the traffic and technical factors are successful.

29. März, 25. April, 10. Mai, 16. Juni und 09. August 2017

147 Arbeiten

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1. Preis
Projekt: Siilo
Copyright: Aarti Ollila Ristola Arkkitehdit Oy, Helsinki, Finland
Team: Erkko Aarti, Architect SAFA · Aarto Ollila, Architect SAFA · Mikki Ristola, Architect · Kuutti Halinen, Architect SAFA · Pyry Kantonen, Architect · Meri Wiikinkoski, B.Sc.
Scale model: Aarti Ollila Ristola Arkkitehdit Oy
3. Preis
Projekt: TAD Tampere Art District
Copyright: Lundén Architecture Company, Helsinki, Finland
Eero Lundén, Architect SAFA · Maija Parviainen, Architect SAFA · Ron Aasholm, Architect · Carmen Lee, Architect
Assistants: Emma Koivuranta, Architect · Xudong Yan, Architect · Tuuli Loukola, student of architecture
Traffic expert: Jouni Lehtomaa
Scale model: Klaus Stolt
3. Preis
Projekt: dogma
Authors and copyright: Matias Kotilainen · Tuomas Martinsaari · Paul Thynell, Helsinki / Espoo, Finland
Scale model: Pienoismallipaja Nina Pohjanheimo
Projekt: Amurin kattojen yllä
Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Arkkitehdit Oy, Helsinki, Finland
Risto Huttunen · Santeri Lipasti · Pekka Pakkanen
Authors: Risto Huttunen, Architect SAFA · Santeri Lipasti, Architect SAFA · Pekka Pakkanen, Architect SAFA · Uula Kohonen, Architect SAFA
Assistants: Aku Jokinen, student of architecture · Tomas Hartman, student of architecture · Irene Hämäläinen, student of architecture · Seppo Tusa, Architect SAFA · Essi Wallenius, Architect SAFA · Julia Falck, student of architecture
Landscape planning: Emilia Weckman, Landscape Architect, MARK, WE3 Oy
Scale model: Olli-Pekka Keramaa, Pienoismalli Oy
Authors and copyright:
Sjöblom Freij Arkitekter AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Jacob Sjöblom · Axel Freij
Scale model: Sjöblom Freij Arkitekter AB
Projekt: LOOTA
Authors and copyright:
Team “LÄHELTÄ YLÖS”: Kristian Kontula, Architect SAFA · Eveliina Sarapää, Architect SAFA · Jalo Sippola, Architect SAFA, Helsinki, Finland
Assistants: Kari Pöykkö, Architect SAFA · Olli Nurminen, art student
Scale model: Arkkitehtipionoismalli Matti Kangaspuro
Lobende Erwähnung
Authors and copyright: Benjamin Schulman, student of architecture, Espoo, Finland
Scale model: Svante Knuus, Maker3D Oy · Toni Järvitalo, 3D Formtech Oy · Arto Tuisku, Jyrsijä Helsinki · Henrietta Nyman-Lind, Henriettan kukat
Lobende Erwähnung
Projekt: Nexus
Copyright: Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark
Authors: Kristian Langkilde · Kasper Lorentzen
Assistants: Mathias Holm · Peter Stilling · Thea Berg
Scale model: Asgar Hoegh · Vilde Livsdatter