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01.06.2017 - Wedding Oasis
Torgiano, Italien

Young Architects Competitions (YAC)

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In Italy, one of the most beautiful sites that is chosen as the best location for the wedding by lovers from all over the world is, without any doubt, Castello di Rosciano (Rosciano castle). This Etruscan fortress, thanks to its thousand-year history and timeless charm, is a fabulous site. In this beautiful frame, every year a hundred couples promise love and tenderness starting their new life as husband and wife within the walls of the manor.

How to enhance, through a contemporary intervention, such beautiful and meaningful ancient building? Which are the best architectural elements to be used in one of the most demanding and universally celebrated moment?

On these fascinating questions the company Corradi lays the foundation for Wedding Oasis, inviting all the designers to let this charming and romantic site inspire them. By doing so, they will have the opportunity to be involved in the most memorable day of the lives of thousands of couples. Moreover, through architectural elements suited for a fairy-tale location, they will have the chance to confirm the leadership of one of the most desirable wedding locations in the world.

01. Juni 2017

1. Preis
Projekt: Under the Cloud
Team: A2T
Joanna Kuczkowska · Tomasz Sołtysiak · Joanna Gizelska

2. Preis
Team: SUPERplum
Giuliana Frangipani · Leonardo Coradeschi · Emanuele Petrucci · Gabriele Boscherini · Giulia Bracci ·  Arianna Benini

3. Preis
Angela Castaldo · Elena D‘Errico · Tonia Anna Castaldo

Gold Erwähnung
Team: Oog
Roberto Soares · Diogo Graça · Hugo Santos

Gold Erwähnung
Team: Nottrott Moreau Architects
Elise Moreau · Magdalena Nottrott

Gold Erwähnung
Projekt: Love²
Team: Mabe Ideas Studio
Beatrice Niccoli · Matteo Cartacci

Gold Erwähnung
Projekt: Light Pavilion
Sakshi Gupta · Qendresa Uka · Sarah Wakim · Marthin Budiawan · Marisha Sukismita Setianegara · Alejandro Hernandez

Gold Erwähnung
Projekt: light and water pavillions
Team: prosto
Edyta Ptasznik

Gold Erwähnung
Projekt: Under a glass sky
Team: Mandapa
Boris Rančev · Nemanja Ranđelović · Lazar Jović · Lazar Pejović

Gold Erwähnung
Team: RAW
Andrea Fancelli · Luca Pinti · Michele Governatori · Cristian Campanile · Aurel Lugja · Francesca Farina · Riccardo Amendola · Roberto De Luca · Mario Solinas

Gold Erwähnung
Team: Shore Architecten NL
Dong Huang · Ying BeiDing

Projekt: IL NODO
Team: FBH Designs
Charles Hergrueter · Thomas Barker · Kate Ford

Team: cincinade
Jing Jing Ruan · Eda Akyuerek

Projekt: De-sign of the Stars
Team: studio3map
Alberto Michielotto · Flavia Marina Pasarin Popescu · Marco Vettore · Paula Alicia Nicolas Gutierrez · Marco Lumini · Stefanos Antoniadis

Projekt: The Conception of Rosciano Castle Pavilions
Team: ALL
Liliana Szulakowska · Aleksandra Pakula · Lilianna Smolec

Team: Hedra
Igar Tcherniavski · Vladimir Sotnichenko

Projekt: Multifunctional Sliding Panels Pavilions
Team: LABC
Loredana Basile · Annalisa Cascione

Projekt: Over the Moment
Team: AFM
Aleksandra Kramnik · Marcin Korytowski · Filip Zielinski

Projekt: for a fairytale wedding
Team: MCM
Sara Menna · Giulia Monte · Alessandro Cesari

Team: Pietro Carlo Pellegrini Architetto
Pietro Carlo Pellegrini · Matilde Bambini

Projekt: The Mirage of Oasis
Salvatore Scandurra · Vittorio Golia · Antonio Balsamo · Antonio Paolo Verde · Lorenzo De Rosa

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