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01.06.2017 - Lighthouse Interior Competition
Casalgrande, Italien

Gruppo Romani Spa, Casalgrande, Italien
CODE - Competitions for Designers

Open Competition

From Iberian Peninsula, passing through Americas, until Asian shores, designers and businesspeople have recently started to focus their attention on lighthouses. In the era of GPS, sonar and automatic navigation, a number of signal towers have lost their original significance, being abandoned and turning into ruins. They stand as relics of a bygone era, now waiting to be rediscovered and re-used in a more contemporary fashion.

To this end, a number of projects, both private and public, have been put forward, which aim to renovate lighthouses for the opening of new, unparalleled accommodation facilities. The old coastal buildings stand, majestic and isolated, in breathtaking landscapes that are perfect locations for unforgettable holidays and ideal destinations for the most discerning and demanding of tourists.

Following this trend, Gruppo Romani, which has led the industry of top-quality ceramics production for decades, has launched Lighthouse Interior, a competition for the creation of a new collection of furnishing accessories and pottery, drawing inspiration from the myth of lighthouses and coastal towers to create new products of exquisite elegance, conceived for this new network of accommodation facilities, as well as for seaside tourism in general.

The new collection will be an extension of Cerasarda Atelier, a brand established in the 1960s at the dawn of the myth of the Costa Smeralda, and now open to the latest trend of seaside and niche tourism: lighthouses. The competition will create a new line of products which will contribute to memorable holidays enjoyed in unspoiled nature and in the shadow of of the old signal towers.

The collection that Gruppo Romani aims to create for Cerasarda Atelier will have to be evocative of relax, of holidays at the end of the world, lulled by the roar of the waves and the cries of the seagulls. It will have to tell a story of holidays in a timeless dimension, blue skies and windy shores, deep silence and solitary towers.

Gruppo Romani has launched an exciting challenge that emphasizes the charm of remote places and wild nature, so as to create objects that will be symbols of style and elegance and will become an ideal line of products for the suites of any luxury hotel with a view of the sea.

01. Juni 2017

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1. Preis
Marta Koniczuk, Polen
2. Preis
Team: Frost
Andrea Maria Stefani · Frosi Erika, Italien
3. Preis
Monica Orsini, Italien
Gold Erwähnung
Team: N.N
Erhek Nastassia · Thomas Noëline, Frankreich
Gold Erwähnung
Team: Crossroad
Giada Legnani, Beatrice Marotta, Italien
Gold Erwähnung
Team: Hoffmanmood
Stefano Cau · Jacopo Diana, Italien
Gold Erwähnung
Team: PP
Matteo Zuppi · Sara Corà · Alberto Bertollo · Tommaso Corà · Davide Corà, Italien
Lobende Erwähnung
Andrea Borghi, Italien
Lobende Erwähnung
Team: Be_recycled
Lorenzo Bassotti · Adriana Olivari, Italien
Lobende Erwähnung
Francesco Forcellini, Italien
Lobende Erwähnung
Team: Flatwig Studio
Francesca Avian · Erica Agogliati, UK
Lobende Erwähnung
Valeria Brunori, Italien
Lobende Erwähnung
Team: Giorgia Luppi
Giorgia Luppi · Pierluigi Sanna, Italien
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Team: MAAD lab
Michela Bianchi Porro · Gaia Maveri, Italien
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Team: Studio S2P
Marco Pescini · Giulio Pandolfi · Edoardo Soderi, Italien
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Team: plasma
Carlo Picone · Francesco Rega, Italien
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Team: Ystera
Clelia De Simone · Emanuela Pozzi, Italien