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11.07.2017 - Rome 2017: A 21st Century River Renaissance
Rom, Italien

Eleven Magazine, Hampshire, UK

Offener Ideenwettbewerb (auch für Studenten)

The magazine’s latest challenge is a direct reaction against two realities which are increasingly overshadowing Rome’s image. Layered as a historical palimpsest of unparalleled culture, there is no denying the rare beauty of the ‘Eternal City’ - so called because of its timelessness. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about its historic river Tiber. Dirty and desolate at water level and riddled with traffic above, its wide river banks are underused and empty if not for the occasional runner, the many graffiti and the garbage. In parallel to the river’s degradation, today Rome is at the heart of a growing polemic on its current state, with many suggesting that the city is struggling to keep up with contemporary life, leaving it almost frozen in time.

Eleven’s Rome 2017 is an international ideas and design challenge that seeks to address these issues by asking the international architecture and design community three questions. What would a contemporary river renaissance look like in Rome? Can the city live up to its eternity and incorporate within its layers of history a more contemporary lifestyle? And can this consolidate the river Tiber into a new focus within the city for this millennium: transforming its waters from a passive element to an active, integrated and renewed part of the city?

Through the competition, Eleven revives Rome’s historic relationship with water and elevates it as a modern day regenerative catalyst for the city. Throughout history, water has come to define Rome’s identity and power. Legend has it a wolf raised Romolo (the founder of Rome) and his brother Remo after she discovered them by the river’s edge, forever linking water to the very origins of the Rome itself. Through water a powerful city was born and also thanks to water a flourishing civilization grew. Aqueducts and bath houses spread drinking water and high levels of hygiene throughout the empire, solidifying Rome’s status, dominance and revolutionary technology in the world. Within the city, the first hospital in history was built on Tiber Island. In baroque Rome, water became a source of prosperity, as Popes showcased their power, influence and wealth by commissioning hundreds of beautiful fountains throughout the city. Today, Eleven turns to water as a muse for change one more.

11. Juli 2017

Projekt: Tiber Living Lab
Shengyu Huang · Chen Mengtong · Wei Lifeng, China · Wu Wenhao, Philadelphia, USA

Gewinner · Runner-Up
Projekt: Acqua Roma

Gewinner · People‘s Choice Award
Projekt: Refounding Tiber
Abdur Raoof Khan · Saman Imran · Fatima Urooj · Devesh Mani Tripathi, Lucknow, Indien

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