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07.04.2017 - Building Voices Design Competition
Honolulu, Hawaii

School of Architecture
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Honolulu, Hawaii

University of Hawai‘i Community Design Center in partnership with AIA Honolulu, ASLA Hawai‘i, APA Hawai‘i, AIAS Hawai‘i, US Green Building Council of Hawai‘i, and the University of Hawai‘i Office of Sustainability.

Open competition

As part of the BUILDING VOICES festival, we are launching a single-stage international design competition seeking innovative design solutions that address Hawai‘i’s unique geographic location, cultural richness, global visibility, and ecological diversity.

The competition aims to:
– Highlight prototypical solutions for the built environment that generate a positive impact for the natural world.
– Celebrate designs that foster a deeper understanding of the unique context(s) of the Hawaiian archipelago.
– Spotlight hybrid projects that impact and benefit multiple populations.
– Foster communication between designers, political institutions and the larger community through catalytic projects.
– Recognize design that says “What is good for Hawai‘i, is good for the world.”

Topic areas: (Design solutions must address two or more topic areas)
– Housing For All
– Food Autonomy
– Resource Independence
– Community Centered Mobility
– Healthy Citizens

Submissions should draw knowledge from multiple disciplines, including architecture, product design, engineering, service design, landscape architecture, urban design and others.
Designs must be Socially, Economically, Ecologically & Culturally sustainable.

07. April 2017

111 Arbeiten

1. Preis
Projekt: Outside House
Erin Moore / FLOAT Architectural Research and Design, Eugene, Oregon, USA

2. Preis
Projekt: Urban Market
Christina Holcom, Honolulu, Hawaii

3. Preis
Projekt: Compost Playground
John Colburn IX, Honolulu, Hawaii

Projekt: Ala Hele Re-Imagined
Benjamin Griffin / AHL

Projekt: Malama Kahawai
Arnulfo Castillo

Projekt: Lantern
Jordan Luo

Projekt: Ulu La‘au
HsuanLing Chen

Projekt: Rebirth
Jay Moorman · Melise Nekoba · Rubinson Intong

Projekt: Niu Hele Wai Community Housing
Khoa Nguyen · Duc Tran

Lobende Erwähnung
Projekt: Witmore Community Food Hub
Linda Komlos · Stephen Luoni / University of Arkansas Community Design Center, USA

Lobende Erwähnung
Projekt: Fish Production in Hawai‘i
Mason Chow

Lobende Erwähnung
Projekt: Lumber Jack Shack
Joo-Hyun Park

Lobende Erwähnung
Projekt: Stitching Public Space in the Ala Wai
Marcos Cruz Ortiz · Rebecca Ogi · Masen Mactagone

Lobende Erwähnung
Projekt: E Ho‘oulu
B. Keolamaika‘i Annino

Lobende Erwähnung
Projekt: Community Medicine Cabinet
Shelby Mendes

Lobende Erwähnung
Projekt: Open-Source Architecture for Hawai‘i
Daniel Zepeda Rivas · Victoria Eugenia Soto Magan

Lobende Erwähnung
Projekt: Historical Food Hub Community
Sharla Batocal

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