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Bekanntgabe: 28.06.2017 - 24h Competition 17th edition - bauHouse
Lissabon, Portugal

ideasforward, Lissabon, Portugal
International Competition of Ideas
architecture and design

Open ideas competition

The simplicity, the functionalism, the comfort and the beauty, made this school, a mark still very present and with great influence for the architecture and the design.
Here was born a revolution!
And in this way can we revolutonize the very concept that United so many great artists and give continuity, unite them again, let them create now and in a new creative maturity, their life as a piece of art?
How many walls would we need?
How many windows, roofs, what marks of them are known that would make the difference of the door of one, to the door of another?
The common room, would it be so common that unite them with the same physical beauty?
What does the concept of beauty mean, in the midst of meanings shared by Masters?
How would be the house of all Masters?

Reinterprets the concept of the semi-detached houses, designed by: Gropius for the Bauhaus masters.
You can use a base of the modular principle and use industrially prebabricated componentes.
Inspired in Bauhaus doctrine create a new model for the masters´ houses.
From the reflection of the form and function modern architecture is born under the functionalist paradigm.
You can use these principles as na inspiration for your project.

Bekanntgabe: 28. Juni 2017

1. Preis
Sonya Falkovskaia, London, England
2. Preis
Team: Lukas Kirstukas · Lukas Ciapas, Newcastle, England
3. Preis
Team: Dragos Ghioca · Loana Stoide · Mara Catargiu, Bucharest, Rumänien
Team: Piyanat Songkhroh · Apisara Lertrattanakit, Pathum Thani, Thailand
Team: Sofie-Marie Trebschuh · Christof Trebschuh · Matthuas Kloth · Jens Rauhut, Cottbus
Team: Mauricio Calvo Arancibia · Roberto Ariel Vera Delgado · Fernando Sunagua Sardinas · Juan Carlos Arancibia Valverde, Sucre, Bolivien
Team: Lulia Llie · Adria Viezan, Bucharest, Romänien
Team: Matyas Kutas · Zsolt Csík · Levente Kovácsik, Traunstein
Team: Yue Zhang · Jinli Hao, Shenyang, China
Team: Loic Cao · Paulina Frankowska, München