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05/2017 - Mango Vinyl Hub
Cesis, Lettland

Bee Breeders, Hong Kong

Open ideas competition

The Mango Vinyl Hub competition solicits consideration of a familiar circumstance characteristic of the contemporary regional condition. Located in Cesis, a historic and provincial city in the Vidzeme region of Latvia, the project calls into question possible and imagined futures of recent historic and artifactual culture — of architecture, music, industry, and design. Participating in the materializing creative industry of Cesis, the project invites designers to consider the adaptive reuse of an abandoned tin foil factory in promotion of a resurgent interest in the vinyl record industry.

The project aptly repurposes an architecture arising from the exigency of early industrial production in support of a programmatic celebration of contemporaneous technology. In so doing, the context provokes reflection on the value of cultural patrimony and artifact, particularly the tenuousness of obsolescence and the concurrent squander or flotsam of technological disruption. As a re-appropriation of a previous structure, the competition requires attention to programming and circulation, as well as concerns of spatiality, interiority, and public-private relation. Successful projects temper the impulse of retrojecting nostalgic hallmark or tradition, through revitalization of purpose of an artifact and history of a bygone era.

Mai 2017

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1. Preis
Projekt: The Music Telescope
Lucia Filippini · Elisa Dellarossa · Tuana Yıldız
2. Preis + BB Student Award
Projekt: In-Between
Onea Ioana Alexandra · Nistor Raluca · Hirleata Stefania Daniela · Tirca Radu George
Universitatea de Arhitectura si Urbanism „Ion Mincu“
3. Preis
Projekt: Out Of the blue
Valdone Mitkeviciute · Greta Prialgauskaite
Vilnius Art Academy