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06.04.2017 - Sydney Rehearsal Follies
Sydney, Australien

ArchMedium, Student Competitions

Open competition

The city of Sydney is crossed by the great Sydney bay, which sets an extensive and sinuous coastal limit that shelters it from the Pacific Ocean. Over the bay there are multiple islands, marinas, national parks, buildings and bridges.

The Sydney bay strengthens its metropolitan character as of the work of the Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera mainly hosts Plays, Ballet and Opera, making this the emblem of the city and one of the main architectural icons worldwide.

Sydney is the biggest and most populated city in Australia, as well as the cultural and musical capital of the country. It is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, a diversity that is reflected in the popular culture and the expression of the music.

The Utzon´s Project for the Sydney Opera was selected as the winner among 233 proposals submitted in the international architecture competition in 1955. Sixty years later, in relation to the original competition, ARCHmedium proposes the creation of a new integrated pavilion dedicated to music that complements the scenic purpose of the famous Opera and adds value to its emblematic set.

Located between the aged trees of the botanic gardens park and a few meters from the Opera, the competition would have to resolve the program of a new rehearsal and concert center while properly adapting to the site.

How does a building dedicated to music relate to the public spaces?

6. April 2017

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1. Preis · Kategorie: PRO
Team: Jonathan Seto · Evan Mccurdy, UC Berkeley, Kalifornien
1. Preis · Kategorie: PRO
Lucia Alonso Sanchez, Francisco de Vitoria, Argentinien
1. Preis
Jessica Straw, University Of Canberra, Australia
2. Preis
Team: Asma
Sofia Chillida Bernaudo · Marina Esguerra Laudo · Albert Rodriguez Castro · Alex Carrasco Escursell, Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya, Spain
3. Preis
Team: Lum Design
Marta Landowska · Pawel Unger · Maksymilian Macur, Gdansk University Of Technology, Poland
Samuel Hervault, Ensab, National School Of Architecture De Bretagne, France
Team: Scabs
Stephen Scabora, Kent State University, United States
Team: Atelier CW
Zhong Ji Cai · Kurin Q. Wang, Mcgill University, Canada
Team: Opla
Giulia Simone, Politecnico Di Torino, I Ta Ly
Team: Comeaux Farrera Murphy
Page Come Aux · Francisco Farrera · Katie Murphy, University Of Louisiana Lafayette, United States
Team: MLM
Muye Ma · Luis Alvarez · Marine De Carbonnieres, Mcgill University, Canada
Team: Hexa
Jan Fernàndez De La Fuente Larrosa · Biel Sànchez I Roldan, Etsab, Escola Tècnica Superior D’arquitectura De Barcelona, Spain
Team: Mur
Roger Badia Rafart · Arnau Pascual Carreras, Etsab, Escola Tècnica Superior D’arquitectura De Barcelona, Spain
Takashi Chibana, School Of Architecture,University Of Minnesota, United States
Team: Conde Arquitectura
Gustavo Ezequiel Conde, Universidad De Moron, Argentina