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06.02.2017 - Experiential Beer Garden
Castelmaggiore, Italien

Young Architects Competitions, Italien

Offener Ideenwettbewerb

Beer has always been a part of human history, from Ancient Egypt (where wages were paid in beer) to Ireland (where beer was the gods’ nectar of immortality), to name but a few examples.

Drinking a glass of beer does not simply mean drinking a beverage, but interacting with a millennium-old history, made of legends, religious beliefs and wisdom. It is a tradition that has been going on since time immemorial, that has come down to us through the work of the monasteries and that has now become an industry in its own right.

Although in the Modern era beer has been produced at an industrial level, today we are experiencing a shift towards artisanal production, in an enthusiastic celebration of taste and secret recipes.

In this spirit, Villa Zarri – one of the leading Italian breweries – wishes to follow the most recent trends of consumption by investing in an ambitious architectural project, which will create a top-quality space for craft brewery.

The centre that Villa Zarri intends to create, within a beautiful mid 16th-century villa, will be a sanctuary for all beer lovers – a place where beer tasting will meet delicious food, culture and entertainment, within the framework of architectural beauty.

Whether German, Belgian, British or Italian, every beer variety will find an ideal place here, a place for both fine palates and less experienced beer lovers. Architectural beauty, cultural events and entertainment will contribute to making the experience of drinking beer unique. Experiential Beer Garden will be a one-of-a-kind brewery, the world’s first centre dedicated to the age-old culture of beer.

Italian passion for beer will be tangible in this centre and will accompany the cultural and entertainment events revolving around beer. Located in the heart of Emilian countryside, this centre will be an observatory that will help the visitors understand the historical and intercultural significance of beer.

06. Februar 2017

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Team: DANA
Álvaro Bermudo · Ignacio Calvo · Ainhoa Iglesias
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Annamaria Pisani · Alexandra Catania · Claudio Zampaglione · Federica Cadili · Giulio Gioia · Sergio Tarquinio · Oriana Scannella · Salvatore Spanò · Giuseppina Laudani
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Manuel Cano Gómez · Raul Cano Gómez · Miguel Llorens Colera · Mario Gonzalez de la Peña · Ibrahim Casanova Gómez
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Louise Valladier · Emilie Mouchel · Valentin Dancoisne · Thomas Nougaret · Rémi Clauzel · Anthony Gallien
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