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15.03.2017 - Affordable Housing Challenge
New York, Amerika

Bee Breeders (former HMMD Group)    
Architecture Competition Organisers

New York Build 2017

Offener Ideenwettbewerb (auch für Studenten)

The New York Affordable Housing Challenge arises from a critical awareness of the various demands that shape contemporary urban experience. In the thick of an historic period, an apogee of capitalism and globalization, a profusion of issues abound in the city: concurrent growth of population, services, and economic opportunity, in parallel with disparate inequality and inflationary real estate. For many, the consequence has lead to a housing market vastly out of reach, either by affordability or geography. A culture once distinguished by ownership and private property is stipulated by lease and scarcity. This competition recognizes the responsibility of architecture and its discipline in a systemic issue entwined between the built environment, policy, economics, and culture.

Successful entries challenge conventional and precedented architectural solutions, to an issue in all fairness, unique in scale and proportion. Well considered submissions engaged polyvalent solutions, to sites scattered throughout the greater metropolis of New York City. Projects most notable pursue invention through the agency, and instrumentality of an architectural element or system, redefining the culture, economy, and experience of urban domesticity by means of space, material, morphology, or structure. These projects are distinguished by rationality, singularity, and imagination.

März 2017

Link zur Ausschreibung

1. Preis
Projekt: The Table Top
Lap Chi Kwong · Alison Von Glinow
2. Preis
Projekt: Out-Of-Site
Peter Wong · Christopher Jarrett · Nazinin Modaresahmadi · Robert Stubbs
3. Preis
Projekt: New York Affordable Housing Challenge
Liyang Chen · Yao Zheng
Projekt: Angle 10
Petar Petricevic · Ksenia Chernobrovtseva
Projekt: The Adaptive Platform: Affordable Housing Above the City
Seth McDowell
Projekt: Activity-Stacked Neighbourhood
Jasmine Sik Chi Chan, Chuhai College of Higher Education
Projekt: Instant City: Living Air-Right
Chang Kyu Lee · Beomki Lee
Projekt: Marcy Houses: A Case Study of Social Housing in New York City
Hans Maarten Wikkerink
Projekt: The „Bricks“
Steven Huang · Eko Liu, University of California Berkeley
NYB Green Award
Projekt: Forging The Upward Frontier
Ryan Ball
Rising Star Award
Projekt: New York ParaSiTe housing
Antonio González Viegas, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla