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15.03.2017 - 24h Competition 15th edition - mythology
Lissabon, Portugal

Ideas forward, Lissabon, Portugal

Offener Ideenwettbewerb

The Universe created the Gods.
It is what little known of what human consciousness conceived of the unknown.
The emergence of the deities in historical explanation, invasions, conquests, legends and myths gave consistency to man’s own power over himself. The highest Greek mountain has become the temple of the Gods, as the inner force that moves us: our house. Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Athena, Ares, Demeter, Apollo, Artemis, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Hermes, Dionysus.
Olympus assembled in council.
Different views, different perspectives of the same face divided by walls that isolates them by thoughts.
And that’s where we live, where the differences look for common places: a Temple, a common place, and 12 non common places.

One of the most brilliant heritages of humanity. Architecture of fascination in the minds of a people, which turned doubts into certainties.
Gods are reinvented in human bodies that mirror the imperfect creation of space.
Force of believing.
Myth, tale, legend.
Asymmetric symmetries of the world ...

a Temple for Gods
Objective: design a Temple for the Olympus Gods.
We did not want to stick to a simple religious space, the introduction of the 12 Gods of Olympus, are for themselves the program for your Temple. Each one have your own personality and abilities.
The Temple must be the re ex of it.
- Localization: Mount Olympus
- Number of Gods: 12
- One Great Hall for the Council of the Gods
- 1 room for each God that should be thought for each one in particular
- Others - you may propose other areas that are not considered in the present brief. Areas: not de ned. Materials: not de ned
The panel must have a descriptive text of the proposal (English), concept, idea, etc. Scale – Scale appropriate to the submitted elements.

März 2017

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1. Preis
Team: Abhijeet Karwa · Stuti Murarka · Unnati Khanna · Sreemoyee Ray · Trisha Dasgupta
City: Mumbai
Country: India
2. Preis
Team: Andrei Theodor
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
3. Preis
Team: Tobias Bor · Christian Slama
City: Kassel
Country: Germany
Team: Zofia Łobza · Agnieszka Sukienniczak · Michalina Gramowska
City: Poznań
Country: Poland
Team: Arnaud Charoy · Moritz Gnädiger · Andreas Klatzka
City: Aachen
Country: Germany
Team: Davide Maria Zema
City: Milan
Country: Italy
Team: Heba Hussain · Valentin Draganescu
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
Team: Raul Medina · Sergio Sousa · Abraham Valerio · Angelica Perez · Daniel Castillo
City: Mexico
Country: Mexico
Team: Alberto Michielotto · Flavia Marina Pasarin Popescu
City: Padova
Country: Italy
Team: Jee Uk Jeong
City: Daejeon
Country: Korea South