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01.03.2017 - A Temple for Hilma
Stockholm, Schweden

Combo Competitions

Ideas competition

The objective of A Temple for Hilma is to design a structure to house the work of Swedish artist Hilma af Klint, located in Stockholm, Sweden. Alongside the af Klint collection, the design should incorporate a secondary space for e.g. temporary exhibitions, lectures etc. - the exact function of this space is left to the discretion of each participant.

The building concept should be influenced by af Klint’s art and life. As long as choices and interpretations are clearly communicated in the proposal, it is up to each participant to decide which aspects to focus on, and how the influence should be interpreted.

Participants should also acknowledge the below aspects, as they contribute to the overall design concept:
Overall building size: footprint and number of floors Size of collection: allowing for a large collection, or a small number of select artworks The nature and function of the secondary space - can be anything from more gallery space to artist’s studios - and how it contributes to the museum concept Site use: how the art museum and any external components make use of the site Building material

Designs should include elemental components such as lobby, gallery spaces, public amenities etc. - a component checklist (with size guidelines) is included in the competition package (downloadable after registration and payment of entrance fee).

März 2017

1. Preis
Projekt: The Temple for Hilma
Andrea Chan
2. Preis
Projekt: Hilma‘s Garden
Amy Wong · Sarish Younis
3. Preis
Projekt: Depository
Tobias Johannes Haag · Lukas Brecheler · Yonne Luca Hack
Projekt: Habitat for Abstraction
Asger Høegh Christiansen · Rasmus Helleskov Wieleman · Nanna-Rose Reinevald Broch
Projekt: Hilma af Klint
Samuel Quagliotto
Projekt: A Temple for Hilma
Gaspard Journet · Joshua Thomas How · Cesar Tome Pizarro · Elisa Lopez Lucas · Luca Tesei