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15.02.2017 - Archhive: Architecture in Virtual Reality
Hong Kong

Bee Breeders (former HMMD Group), Hong Kong

Vividly, Riga, Latvia

Offener Ideenwettbewerb (auch für Studenten)

Architecture digitalization is having a huge impact on the lives and work of architects, allowing them to create and deliver their message to potential clients in an increasingly efficient manner. Working in partnership with the revolutionary virtual reality software company Vividly, Bee Breeders are looking to explore the capabilities of this digital tool to create a virtual reality based exhibition gallery to be known as the Archhive.

For the „Archhive: Architecture in Virtual Reality“ competition, participants are being tasked with designing the virtual exhibition gallery in which to showcase Bee Breeders‘ architecture competition winners. This digital hall of honour would exist entirely online and would allow visitors from all over the world to “walk” around this virtual gallery and explore the work of the selected competition winners, as well as occasionally invited guest contributors.

This competition allows architects to work with any digital 3D modeling tools they choose, and since the exhibition space would exist solely in virtual reality, there are no construction restrictions. It’s all about the virtual reality‘s architectural spatial quality.

The selected winner’s project will be realised as a new media project - digital architectural space - providing significant publicity for the designers of this virtual gallery. The Archhive is being planned as a large scale media project that will run indefinitely, launching soon after the completion of the competition.

15. Februar 2017

1. Preis
Projekt: Archhive: Architecture in Virtual Reality
Autor: Boris Hilderal
2. Preis
Projekt: On the Bottom of the Top
Autoren: Alžbeta Krbylová · Juraj Horňák, Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
3. Preis
Projekt: The Infinite Gallery
Autor: Paolo Antonio Zurk Castillo, Universidad de los Andes
Projekt: Archhive: Architecture in Virtual Reality
Autor: Matthias Karch
Projekt: Virtual Society
Autor: Piotr Rożnowski, Silesian University of Technology
Projekt: Archhive: Architecture in Virtual Reality
Autor: William Quintana
Projekt: Elevated
Autor: Kim Baumann Larsen
Projekt: Cupola
Büro: Isostopy
Autoren: F. Javier Escorihuela · Fernando Gómez
Projekt: Archhive: Architecture in Virtual Reality
Autoren: Shaun Mccallum · Aleksandra Belitskaja, The University of Applied Arts Vienna (Die Angewandte)