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27.01.2017 - Masterplan of the historical city center
Tscheljabinsk, Russland

City Administration of Chelyabinsk, Tscheljabinsk, Russland

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In Chelyabinsk there starts the All-Russian competition for the best architectural and town planning concept of the historical center of the city of Chelyabinsk in the streets boundaries: Timiryazeva, Sony Krivoy, Engelsa, Brat‘ev Kashirinykh, Rossiyskaya.
The best concept will form the basis for the creation of a new master plan of the city and will be the basis for the subsequent preparation of documentation for the planning area. It should provide pedestrian links downtown with the river Miass, organization and improvement of adjacent territories to the river. The concept should be aimed at improving the environmental situation, the preservation of the unique historical environment of the central part of the city and increase the tourist attraction.
The competition is open, it is carried out in two stages. The first includes the receipt of applications and selection of participants qualifying for the second round. No more than five candidates will be chosen, the organizer will hold for them a tour and orientation workshop and provide input data: a fragment of duty cards, a fragment of zoning and town planning regulations „Land use and development of Chelyabinsk“, topo-geodetic survey of the area, information about the objects of cultural heritage and protected zones.

27. Januar 2017

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de Architekten Cie., Amsterdam · felixx, Rotterdam, Niederlande