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07.11.2016 - Children's Playschool


Offener Ideenwettbewerb

Nederland¨ is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Just as its name indicates, the territory is formed by low (neder) land (land) among which one quarter part is situated below the sea level. For many years the geography of the region has been dynamic and changing, being the only thing that remained constant, the redefinition of the territory. Some of the actions carried out were draining the territory, building large dams and ultimately, since the XVI century the gained land to the sea with polders.
Generating land though public policies has its consequences in the eyes of the Dutch and their conception of collective space. Between 1948 and 1978, the architect Aldo Van Eyck, raised a series of interventions of urban regeneration of destroyed sites due to world war two. In 20 years he managed to transform more than 700 sites in children playgrounds.
Nowadays, Amsterdam is a consolidated global city and entirely designed for its wide architectural tradition. In this context we propose the creation of a children´s day care in the city of Amsterdam whose starting point is, once again, children playgrounds and public spaces.
The strategic location is a pier ingrained to the neighborhood and reclaimed from the river in a strategic form. Today, an association organizes cultural activities, which should be preserved and enhanced generating a place to learn while playing and grow in close relationship with the water.



Students: 167 / Young architects: 70

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Students: 1. Preis
Projekt: GMAH - RZB
Andrea Cusanno · Harald Hermogenes · Gustav Kjaer Vad Nielsen · Marcello Carpino
IUAV, Aarhus School of Architecture, TU Delft
Students: 2. Preis
Projekt: CHARMED - GZB
Andrea Briz Cristóbal · Ricardo González Ortiz · Elena Gámez Miguelez · Ana Alirangues Lopez · Javier Peláez García
E.T.S.A.M, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid
Students: 3. Preis
Projekt: GRÜP - LCS
Richard Lee Peragine · Simme Bruinsma · Marco Pallaoro
Università Degli Studi di Ferrara Dipartimento di, TU-Delft
Students: Anerkennung
Projekt: SEMEYA
Manuel Fernández Catalina · Sergio Alonso Alonso
University of Valladolid
Students: Anerkennung
Francisca Salazar Herrera
Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Students: Anerkennung
Projekt: MAG
Miquel Arias Costa · Albert Agundez Palomas · Guillem Bigas Comas · Guillem Canudas Gorgas
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, ETSAV
Students: Anerkennung
Projekt: HKK
Yongkyu Hong · Jaehyub Ko · Hyungjoon Kim
Yonsei University
Students: Anerkennung
Projekt: PALAZZO
Gianmario Pandozzi · Lorenzo Di Stefano
Politecnico di Milano, Università degli Studi Roma Tre
Students: Anerkennung
Angus Taylor · Beth Rodway
University of Brighton
Students: Anerkennung
Projekt: M.E.G
Marta Cavallé · Giovanni Caminati · Elena Bongiorno
Politecnico di Milano
Students: Anerkennung
Projekt: POPS
Ilènia Molina Casanovas · Mercè Celma · Maria Ferré Viladés · Sara Ferran Ballús · Alma Debenath Redondo · Marta Salvat Peidro
ETSA, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valencia
Students: Anerkennung
Projekt: !hola!
Alessandro Caciopoppo
Politecnico di Torino
Students: Anerkennung
Projekt: DCGR
Gautier Rey · Davide Cauciello
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Young architects: 1. Preis
Projekt: A&T - PMC
Timothée Bossard · Achille Gauquelin
Ensag / Ensase, Frankreich
Young architects: Anerkennung
Projekt: AIMA
Antonio Lozano Peris · Adrián Fuster Gómez · Inés Fabra Beser · Marta Marí Burgos · Ana Plasencia Bon
Universitat Politécnica de Valencia, Spanien
Young architects: Anerkennung
Projekt: FIORE
Florian Liakos · Alexis Visvinis · Irene Helen Marcantonatou
National Technical University of Athens, Griechenland
Young architects: Anerkennung
Projekt: BINOCLE
Aina Roca Mora · Clara Crous Fort
Universitat de Girona, Spanien
Young architects: Besondere Anerkennung
Projekt: CARAIBA
Diego Fagundes · Erica Mattos · Mateus Stralen · Guilherme Vasconcelos · Lucas Fukuda · Caio Nepomuceno
UFMG, Brasilien