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27.10.2016 - Mobile Museum for the Disabled

On 27 October 2016, the international jury for the International Young Architects’ Awards and Exhibition, an annual event organized by the Antalya branch of the Chamber of Architects of Turkey, met in Kundu, Antalya and attributed a First, two Second Prizes and one Third Prize.  A popular vote by audience members determined the winner of a Participant Award.

The UIA has endorsed the eleventh edition of this international ideas competition open to architects throughout the world born after 1976.  French architect Patrick Colombier represented our Union on the international jury and was also elected jury chairman. 

This year, the theme was “Mobile Museum for the Disabled” and participants were invited to develop designs for “a mobile museum for the disabled” to facilitate the full participation of the disabled in social, cultural and everyday life. Competitors reflected deeply on the implications of “speed,” a fundamental consequence of globalisation, and on the way we perceive space and time.



The Antalya branch of the Chamber of Architects of Turkey



offener Ideenwettbewerb



27. Oktober 2016



11 Arbeiten



1. Preis

Gabriel Lefevre Pardessus,

Maxime Retailleau and Fabian Scholz (France-Germany)



2. Preis

Gencay Çubuk (Turkey) 


2. Preis

Ömer Yeşidal (Turkey), for “CTRL+3”


3. Preis

Nicholas Gonsalves (Australia).



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