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29.11.2016 - Art Museum and Cultural Quarter
Kristiansand, Norwegen

Kristiansand municipality, Kanalbyen Eiendom AS, SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Kristiansand, Norwegen

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Nicolai Tangen has collected 20th century art for many years. The collection, which comprises 1,100 works, is believed to be the biggest, widest, deepest and most important collection of Norwegian art from the 1930s to the 1970s in private ownership.
Nicolai Tangen has set up a foundation, to which he is transferring ownership of certain parts of the collection.The foundation will then bring the collection to Kristiansand, on condition that the city will provide suitable premises for it.
The idea of using the heritage silo at Odderøya as a basis for a new joint art museum for the Tangen Collection and Sørlandets Kunstmuseum (SKMU) was proposed by the city’s political leaders in autumn 2015.The idea was to bring together SKMU, the Tangen Collection, the Cultural School and a drama centre for young people in the same area as Kilden, the city’s performing arts centre.
Silo Quay is a major urban development area on the island of Odderøya, adjacent to the Kvadraturen city centre area of Kristiansand.The area is being developed by Kanalbyen Eiendom AS, which is owned by the Port of Kristiansand and JB Ugland Eiendom. Kanalbyen will be developed with 700 apartments and business premises over the course of 12–15 years. Parts of this area fall within the competition area.According to the plan, there is an important urban space between Kilden and the silo, and one of the aims of this competition is to identify the potential of this area in terms of planning concept, building volumes and options for functions that can be incorporated.
To this end, SKMU, Kanalbyen Eiendom AS and Kristiansand municipality are inviting architects to participate in an open, international planning and design competition (architectural competition).
The competition is being run in accordance with the regulations in the Norwegian Public Procurement Act of 16 July 1999, including the relevant amendments, and the rules of this competition programme. The competition will take place in two stages, of which Stage 1 is an open competition at a general level.The aim of Stage 1 is to identify options for using all or parts of the heritage silo as part of a museum building. The response should also illustrate the development potential of the entire competition area, where the town planning concept will be central.Important factors here will be to illustrate options for attractive urban spaces and the link between Kvadraturen and Kanalbyen. The jury will select 6 designs to progress to Stage 2.

29. November 2016

101 Arbeiten

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Mestres Wåge Arquitectes · MX_SI architectural studio, Barcelona, Spanien
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