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21.11.2016 - Hornachuelos Downtown Reactivation
Hornachuelos, Spanien


Hornachuelos City Hall, Hornachuelos, Spanien



reTH!NKING Architecture Competitions, Sevilla, Spanien



Offener Wettbewerb (auch für Studenten)



The competition seeks to revive the Hornachuelos city center, enhancing its heritage and cultural values. For this purpose, different ways of intervention may be used to emphasize the following aspects:

- Reactivation of historical buildings, with alternative uses and rehabilitation. Especially the most deteriorated: the Castle and the inn.

- Projecting routes that generate cultural spaces, rest and connection with the natural environment. Resting places, shade, interaction, its vegetation, its smells and its climate must be thought ... giving value to the atmosphere of Hornachuelos.

- Perception of the historic center as a unitary space, not as segregated elements with buildings and environments worthless together, but as a city with a distinct cultural identity.

The research which contestants can develop in reference to issues such as customs, history or culture will help the participant to have a greater awareness of the keys to be improve.



21. November 2016



55 Arbeiten


1. Preis

Rafael Carlos Gutiérrez Moreno, Helsinki 

Elena Romero Fernández, Helsinki 


2. Preis

Federico Aru, Sestu 

Michela Serra, Cagliari 


3. Preis

Katya Crawford, Albuquerque 

Kathleen Kambic, Albuquerque 

Ane Gonzalez Lara, Albuquerque 


3. Preis

Jorge González Dorta, Madrid 

Javier Dharandas Rodríguez, Madrid 

Rodrigo González Martín, Madrid 

Manuel Pérez Lozano, Madrid 


Lobende Erwähnung

Marc Sánchez 

Oriol Ferrer (ES)


Lobende Erwähnung

Victor Guimerá Millán, Stuttgart 

Maria del Pilar Rama Lara, Stuttgart 


Lobende Erwähnung

Cristián Javier Ferrera, Buenos Aires 


Lobende Erwähnung

Araceli Hemmers Silva, Córdoba 

Ana Lucía Saban Allori, Córdoba 

Alen Gomez, Córdoba 

Christian Uriel Cabrera Tejeda, Córdoba 

Facundo Nicolás Perez, Córdoba 

Guido Valentín Biasotto, Córdoba 

Héctor Hugo Radosta, Córdoba 

José Luis Crespi, Córdoba 

Gonzalo Barrado, Córdoba 


Lobende Erwähnung

Francesco Cauda, Mailand 


Lobende Erwähnung

Clea Granados Nikolaidou, Barcelona 

Marta Morales Marsà, Barcelona 

Jose Eric Sánchez Masterton, Barcelona 


Lobende Erwähnung

Francisco Moratal Ortola, Valencia 

Alejandro Guerrero Neira, Valencia 


Lobende Erwähnung

Beñat Arejulia 

Ion Vianez 


Lobende Erwähnung

Mo Convery, Albuquerque 


Lobende Erwähnung

Israel Gómez Jiménez, Trigueros 

Manuel Márquez de las Hera, Madrid 

Manuel Martín Carrasco, Barcelona 


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