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25.11.2016 - Opracowanie koncepcji architektonicznej budowy parku wodnego pn. Fabryka Wody – Nowa Gontynka w Szczecinie
Stettin, Polen


Gmina Miasto Szczecin – Wydział Urbanistyki i Administracji Budowlanej Urzędu Miasta Szczecin



The contest for the architectural concept of the water park was opened and included two stages. During the first stage thirteen designs were submitted, with five admitted to stage two by the Jury. And five designs were submitted during the second stage.



The Szczecin water park’s design will make it unique -  different from all other such establishments. Departing from obvious and somewhat-overused decorations in the form of plastic palm trees, pirate ships, coral reefs and blue lagoons, the Szczecin Fabryka Wody will have an exclusive design.

Inspired by the dual-natured city, the design represents both the human and the natural, encompassing straight and curved lines. Its shape was designed to utilise the terrain layout and sunlight exposure to the maximum, thus being reminiscent of the historical water cascade. The central part of the building - the entrance hall - is accentuated with a linden lane. The binary hall connects the wings of the building, which can be accessed from either side. In that way, a public space is located in the middle of the complex that can be accessed from the outside and from every inner part of the building. The viewing point showing the silver shimmering river and the water cascade is topped with a coffee shop. It’s a bustling meeting place which allows convenient movement up and down the promenade, inviting every visitor to explore the complex further and spend free time there.

The symbol of the project is the RIVER - a city-forming, economic and environmental element which gives Szczecin a metropolitan character, and makes it stand out above other cities. It is also the main theme of the main five parts of the building, such as:

·         the outdoor public space open to everyone, which allows free and unhindered flow of people and thoughts. A space designed for relaxing, meeting people, and also studying;

·         the binary entrance hall, which gives easy access, invites you to explore the building further, and gives the first taste of the attractions waiting within the complex;

·         the Educatorium and the entertainment centre which are part of the stream of information and point to the educational rooms, shaped to resemble the chemical formula of the H2O molecule;

·         the Swimming Pool Hall – for the first time ever taking a form of a flowing river – which leads visitors through all the attractions;

·         the outdoor swimming pools – which incorporate the natural layout of the terrain to form cascades and smoothly transform into the adjacent swimming pools;

·         the Saunarium Zone - which assumes the shape of an intriguing watercourse flowing around all the saunas and resting rooms, giving it both a natural and a modern character.



25. November 2016



5 Arbeiten


1. Preis

DreamWorlds Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., Mysłowice


2. Preis

Consultor Sp. z o.o. ul.,Poznań


Equal rank awards

ETC Architekci Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. al., Wrocław

- Domino Grupa Architektoniczna Wojciech Dunaj ul., Szczecin

- Metropolis Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. ul.,Szczecin




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1. Preis
DreamWorlds Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., Mysłowice