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Luxembourg, Belval, Design of the sinter basin square

Tag der Veröffentlichung 12.10.2017
Amtsblattnummer -
Termin 27.10.2017
Verfahren Wettbewerbsbekanntmachung
Zulassungsbereich EU + Schweiz
Sprache DE, EN, FR


Luxembourg, Belval, Design of the sinter basin square 


[Hinweis: Die nachfolgenden Informationen stehen in deutscher, französischer und englischer Sprache zur Verfügung und können hier heruntergeladen werden oder beim Wettbewerbsbetreuer abgefragt werden.]

[Note: The information below is available in German, French and English and can be downloaded here or requested from the competition manager.]

[Remarque : La version allemande, française et anglaise des informations qui suivent peut être téléchargée ici. Vous pouvez également adresser une demande d’informations à la personne chargée de l’encadrement du concours].


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Revision 01 of October 11th, 2017 (Adaptations in red wording)


TENDER TITLE: Luxembourg, Belval, Design of the sinter basin square

[Note: The information below is available in German, French and English and can be downloaded here or requested from the competition manager.]


I.1) Tenderer 

The official name of the tenderer for this project competition is:

Société de développement AGORA s.à r.l. et Cie 
3, avenue du Rock’n’ Roll
L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette



I.2) Competition management 

The following company is tasked with the organization and implementation of the project competition:

Paul Wurth Geprolux S.A.

32, rue d`Alsace,

L-1122 Luxembourg


Contact person:

                         Mr Joé Reuter

                         Tel: (+352) 4970 – 2847    

All correspondence relating to the application procedure must be directed solely to Paul Wurth Geprolux.

No information regarding the content of the competition will be issued.

 I.3) Application documents are available from the following e-mail address:

 I.4) The application documents must be sent to the following address:



II.1.1) Title of the competition issued by the client 

An open application procedure for working groups consisting of one or more architects, open space planners, structural engineering offices and supply technology engineering offices (insofar as these tasks are not the core competency of the office) from the EEA member states and Switzerland for a subsequent single-stage, restricted design competition in an anonymous procedure based on the general principles of the OAI (the general principles of the organization of architectural tenders in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg). 

II.2.2) Description

Overall, the urban district of Belval is divided into four development modules, the Cité des sciences with its restored, imposing backdrop of smelting furnaces, the Square Mile, the Park Belval and the Belval residential quarter.

The subject of the planned competition is the redesign and revitalisation of the two former sinter basins on the Central Square, the central space in the future Square Mile quarter.

The sinter basins were built in the 1970s and were used to prepare the coal residues before they were taken to the smelting furnace. Today, all that remains of the site are the concrete structures and some steel installations. The basins have diameters of up to 40 m and a maximum depth of approx. 12 m in relation to the car parking area that currently borders them. The total area of the sinter basin square to be designed is approx. 6,730 m² (up to the edges of the planned surrounding buildings). The site consists of several operating levels and is also permeated with passages, galleries and ancillary spaces.

As part of the development of the quarter, the intention is to restore a useful purpose to the former sinter basins. This should be in harmony with the mixed areas of use (offices, trade and residential) of the surrounding buildings currently in the concept design phase.

The product of the project competition will be an expressive, timeless design which will blend in with the overall concept for the quarter, and which will form the beating heart of the quarter due to its attractiveness and unique nature.

In general, the tenderer is pursuing the following goals with the project:

·       The creation of a unique, vibrant square that invites visitors and residents to use it all year round.

·       Incorporation of the different basin levels into the overall concept.

·       The creation of a reference to the area’s industrial past.

·       Integration into the overall architectural design of the quarter with its pedestrian streets and arcade walkways.

·       Development of a usage concept (e.g. sport, leisure, relaxation, culture, gastronomy, etc.) taking into account a potential phased usage of the site.

In order to achieve this goal, AGORA plans to issue for tender a single-stage, anonymous project competition with a preliminary application procedure and a restriction of the maximum number of participants to 7 teams. Through this invitation for applications, the aim is to find a planning team consisting of a combination of offices for architectural and open space planning, as well as structural engineering and supply technology offices for technical support.

II.1.3) Place of implementation:

Belval, Belvaux, Luxembourg


III.1) Eligibility for participation

All planning offices based in the EU or Switzerland are eligible to apply for the pre-selection procedure. Sufficient evidence of ability to perform professional services must be provided in the form of the entry in the commercial or professional register (or similar) and an authorization to present building documents (or the equivalent) in Luxembourg must be guaranteed. Evidence of this must be provided before any contract is awarded.

Should the applicant fail to provide this authorization, a cooperation must be entered into with a Luxembourg-based planning office which is in possession of the necessary authorization to present building documents.

The planning offices approved to take part in the project competition after the pre-selection procedure form a planning team. In this planning team, the participating architect's office takes the leading role and in addition, groups together the following members (if these tasks do not lie within the core competency of the leading architect’s office):

·       Office for open space planning

·       Structural engineering office

·       Supply technology engineering office

The formation of bidding consortia is permitted. Evidence of permission for all members to perform professional services in Luxembourg must also be provided if a contract is awarded.

Bidding consortia must act as a joint and severally liable working group and nominate an authorized representative. A binding declaration regarding the legal form, the authorized representative and the joint and several liability of all members must be submitted together with the application documents.

The entire project planning must be oriented to the legislation applicable in Luxembourg. A good knowledge of the administrative documents is required. The building owner requires the constant presence in Luxembourg of a professional representative of the project team to whom the contract is then awarded throughout the project implementation period.

Due to the complexity of the task, collaboration with an experienced structural engineering planner in the area of usage conversion/industrial monuments is required. Evidence of the technical feasibility of the design must be provided during the project competition phase.


IV.1) Schedule overview

Competition announcement published                                                                                   22.09.2017

Closure of the competition announcement                                                                             27.10.2017

Application deadline for offices for participation in the project competition                                27.10.2017

Evaluation of the applications and selection of competition participants                                    03.11.2017

Announcement/notification of the applicants permitted to participate in the competition             06.11.2017

Planned start of the competition phase: Dispatch of the competition documents                        07.11.2017

Planned date of site visiting 10.11.2017, 10am

Planned completion of the competition phase: Deadline for submitting designs                         26.01.2018

Planned deadline for submission of the model                                                                       09.02.2018


All information regarding deadlines and time periods relates to local Luxembourg time.

The tenderer retains the right to change specified deadlines.


V.1) Application procedure

Before the application documents are submitted, a notification of interest must be sent by e-mail (subject: Notification of interest in the design of the sinter basin square) to the following address:


The interested party will then receive a confirmation e-mail with the documents relating to the application procedure:

·       Application procedure for the project competition “Design of the sinter basin square”

·       Appendix 1 - Information about the applicant

The documents are available in German, French and English. The interested party must state the language in which they wish to receive the documents when issuing notification of interest.

Following receipt of the confirmation e-mail, the applicant has time to submit their application documents within the scheduled period. The application documents must be sent via e-mail to the following address:


The deadline for submission of applications is  27.10.2017, 11.59 pm.

Documents sent by post will not be taken into account.

Following evaluation of the applications and the selection of the competition participants, all applicants will be informed via e-mail of the decision regarding the offices permitted to participate in the project competition.

Planning teams permitted to take part in the project competition must confirm their participation by 07.11.2017, 12 midday after receiving a corresponding notification by e-mail.

Should a team decide not to participate, or if the participants authorized to take part in the project competition fail to do so for any other reason, the team next down on the list may be invited to take part.

The decision of the selection committee is not open to objection.

V.2) Language

The application documents must be submitted by the applicant in German, French or English. The competition will later be processed in German or French.

The tenderer retains the right to only make available the competition programme in German and French. Other competition documents will be available only in German, French or English. The applicant is responsible for providing any translation required.

If available, the German version is binding.

V.3) Number of participants

A maximum of 7 participants are permitted to enter the competition.


V.4.1) Number of prizes and amount of prize money

For the single-stage, project competition that follows the application procedure, with a restriction of maximum 7 participants, the total amount of prize money to be won is €108,000.00 gross. Beyond this amount, no further processing fees or commissions will be paid.

Each participant is eligible for compensation of min. €7,500.00. The division of the remaining prize money between the top three participants will be determined by the tenderer.

V.4.2) Information on cost reimbursement 

No claims may be asserted for cost reimbursement in relation to the application procedure.


VI.1) Criteria for the selection of participants 

The prerequisite for permission to enter the competition is an application with a total of 3 realized reference projects in the field of open space planning, space design, industrial architecture, industrial monuments and if available, underground architecture. The references should be provided as far as possible in line with the list of objectives given in II 1.2). The application documents must be submitted in observance of the specifications (see Appendix 1). All information must be provided in German, French or English.

a)    Reference A (at least 1 citation)

Type: Open space planning / space design

Construction measure: Redesign and/or new design

Commissioned (age): not older than 5 years

b)    Reference B (at least 1 citation)

Type: Industrial architecture / industrial monuments

Construction measure: Conversion and/or repair / restoration

Commissioned (age): not older than 10 years

c)    Reference B (optional, if available)

Type: Underground architecture

Construction measure: New construction, conversion and/or renovation