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WATERPROOF - International Design Competition

Tag der Veröffentlichung 11.07.2017
Amtsblattnummer -
Termin 20.10.2017
Verfahren Wettbewerbsbekanntmachung
Zulassungsbereich Sonstige
Sprache IT; EN


WATERPROOF - International Design Competition


WATERPROOF - International Design Competition

Auslober / Competition Organizer
Confindustria Venezia – Area metropolitana di Venezia e Rovigo
Via delle Industrie, 19
30175 Venezia Marghera

With the collaboration: Camera Di Commercio Venezia Rovigo Delta Lagunare
With the patronage: Università Iuav di Venezia
With the support: ANCE – Associazione costruttori edili – Venezia

Wettbewerbsbetreuung / Competition Enquiries
Chiara Panunzi

Wettbewerbsaufgabe / Competition Task
The aim of the contest is to create a link between the world of design and production, and stimulate innovative solutions that start from the knowledge and from the eventual customization of materials used for the project. The design theme is Palazzo Ca’ Tron, location of undergraduate degree programme in Planning and Urban Design at Università Iuav di Venezia, located in the historic center of the city.

The redevelopment project must consider the multiple functions that are attributed to the building. The University wishes to go beyond the traditional boundaries of the academic establishment to create a hybrid space, a place of relationships and a synergic exchange between students and the social and productive context of the territory. Palazzo Ca’ Tron will have to assume the characteristics of a place of knowledge and active promotion for the ongoing urban transformations.

Competitors must have to design a new addition of the building: about 5% of the total volume. This operation can become an opportunity to support new spaces with specific features. Given the peculiarity of the intervention, one of the project constraints will be to create a dialogue between contemporary architecture and historical pre-existence.

Competitors are invited to create a functional-model, well balanced among its various components, in order to get to an idea of innovative space management, which knows how to connect the university spaces towards the public uses. The functional-model should also include external courts, which are an integral part of the project.

Within the project, it is mandatory to use the materials of all business partners for at least one application. The products can be used by selecting them from the partners catalogues,  or otherwise, by proposing a customization to stimulate product innovation.

Open a reflection on the digital manufacturing theme applied to the world of architecture, stimulating a single language in constructive processes between partners and competitors;

Take advantage of the opportunity to make product and process innovation with the know-how of venetian historical companies, that can support the designers throughout the design process;

Imagine a coherent system of macro strategies, which must be able to interact with the existing building and the surrounding historical fabric, and micro solutions of technological and constructive details, which must be part of a single project and easily achievable;

Obtain ideas that think of an innovative way of recovering a Venetian historic building, while maintaining a respectful dialogue with pre-existence. The possibility of adding a new construction will be an incentive to give a unique appearance to the building, making it the symbol of the synergic relationship between history and contemporaneity;

Promote a new use of an academic space, which must become a reference for students and citizens in Venice. This innovative place must become also an example of flexible intervention, capable of adapting to climate change and the global environmental challenges.

Wettbewerbsart / Competition Type
Open Competition

Zulassungsbereich / Admission Area

Teilnehmer / Participants
The contest takes place in a single step and is open to professionals from all over the world.
The participation at the contest is anonymous.

Competitors can be graduated, freelance architects, designers, engineers, architecture or engineering companies, with a proven qualification.

Competitors must be under 40 (before the date of delivery of the contest).
Competitors can join the contest both individually and in team.

Termine / Schedule
Contest announcement: – July 11th, 2017
Waterproof Documents release: – July 13th, 2017
FAQ publication - first part: – August 11th, 2017
Open Day with partners: – September 21st / 22nd, 2017
Deadline FAQ: – September 29th, 2017
FAQ publication - second part: October 06th, 2017
Deadline for registrations: – October 20th, 2017
Deadline for submissions: – November 03rd, 2017
Jury interviews and Winner announced: – November 2017
Exhibition: – December 2017

Fachpreisrichter / Jury
Alfonso Femia: Architect - President, CEO 5+1AA
Luca Battistella: Architect – President BattistellArchitetti
Francesco Musco: Architect - Associate Professor in Urban and Environmental Planning Iuav
Nicola Picco: Architect - Secretary of Ordine Architetti PPC Venezia - President Fondazione Architetti
Jana Revedin: Architect – Founder, President Global Awards for Sustainable Architecture
Simone Sfriso: Architect - Partner studio TAMassociati
Aldo Sollazzo: Architect - Founder of Noumena - Head Of IaaC Visiting Program
Mauro Strada: Engineer - President, CEO STEAM SRL
Valentina Temporin: Architect - Founder PoPlab Performance Oriented Prototyping Fabrication Laboratory
Piergiorgio Tombolan: Architect - President, CEO Tombolan & Associati
Alberto Torsello: Architect – Director TA ARCHITETTURA
Jeroen van Ameijde: Architect - Co-founder, Director Urban Systems
Carlotta Zucchini: Editor-in-Chief The Plan

Preise / Awards
First prize: euro 10.000,00
Second prize: euro 4.500,00
Third prize: euro  2.000,00

Each partner will also give an honorary mention: 1 year subscription The Plan

The winning projects will be published in the architecture magazine The Plan. The partecipating projects will be exposed at the historic venue of the Camera di Commercio di Venezia, near Piazza San Marco.

The Organizers provide a total reimbursement of awards including any tax burden and/or legally required deductions to be assigned to the first three classified projects.

Leistungen / Required Material
– Model size 30x30x30cm (not more than 1:10 scale)
– n°2 project boards size UNI A1 vertical layout
– n°12 technical boards size UNI A3 horizontal layout

Unterlagen / Documents

Competition Languages: Italien, English