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SHELTER 48: Emergency Life-Support Design

Tag der Veröffentlichung 11.06.2017
Amtsblattnummer -
Termin 11.11.2017
Verfahren Wettbewerbsbekanntmachung
Zulassungsbereich Sonstige
Sprache EN


SHELTER 48: Emergency Life-Support Design


SHELTER 48: Emergency Life-Support Design

Eleven Magazine
Hampshire, UK


Competition Sponsors, Friends & Official Media Partners:
Buckminster Fuller Institut

Wettbewerbsaufgabe / Competition Task
Welcome to Eleven’s 7th international ideas and design competition.

For this challenge, we focus our attention on natural disasters by looking at the concept and definition of shelter in their immediate aftermath and by posing the question: how can architecture and design help protect, shelter and save lives when they strike?

Natural disasters kill thousands of people a year. Typically, the biggest killer isn’t the actual event itself, but the hours following the event. Often, it is the lack of adequate shelter – a basic human need to survival – coupled with the obliteration of infrastructures and services and the lack of provisions, which make the 48 hours post-disaster a critical zone for the victims: a determining factor between survival or death.

This is where our competition steps in as we ask you to design ‘Shelter 48’: a guardian angel, a protector, and an emergency life-support system to be deployed rapidly after natural disasters strike.

There are no right or wrong answers, just endless possibilities in the pursuit of excellence and design-led innovation. Let your creativity go wild and enjoy the process! We really look forward to seeing your fantastic proposals.

What does the ultimate disaster relief shelter look like and how can it be made readily available in the aftermath the event, securing the lives of victims in these crucial hours?

You decide.

We encourage participants to think outside the box and come up with new ways of dealing with calamities around the world and, in doing so, setting a new standard for post-disaster action and shelter. In designing your prototype, we encourage you to engage with the following key concepts, seen as stimuli for ideas which can be expanded on, edited and added to:

Logistics – how will you get your shelter to the disaster?
Assembly – how is your design built on site?
Relation to Ground – how does your shelter relate to unpredictable and dangerous new conditions?
Specialist vs Generalist – are you designing for one particular disaster context (i.e. type of disaster or climatic region) or is your proposal a one-solution-fits-all shelter?
Adaptability – how can your design adapt to changing needs of use and adapt to shifting surroundings?
Capacity – for how many people is it for?
Program – what does your shelter provide?
Resilience – how strong is your design and how can it guarantee survival for the user?
Materials – what is made from?
Future – what happens to your shelter when it is not needed anymore?

Wettbewerbsart / Competition Type
Open Ideas Competition (for students and professionals)

Zulassungsbereich / Admission Area

Teilnehmer / Participants
Open to all

Termine / Schedule
Competition is officially announced: – 11 June 2017
Registration Opens. Early Bird discounted fee applies: – 11 July 2017
Early Bird discounted fee ends. Standard Registration fee applies: – 01 August 2017
Standard Registration fee ends. Late fee applies: – 01 November 2017
Competition closes. All entries are due for submission: – 11 November 2017 (11AM, UK Time)
Public voting opens online for People‘s Choice Award: – 13 November 2017
Public voting closes online for People‘s Choice Award: – 10 January 2018 (11AM, UK Time)
Winners and awarded entries are announced: – 11 January 2018

Gebühren / Fees
Early Bird: £60 per team
Standard: £80 per team
Late Bloomer: £100 per team

Please Note: Maximum 4 people per team, one submission per entry fee.

Fachpreisrichter / Jury
– Abeer Seikaly: Architect, Cultural Designer
– Karina Ashrapova: Winner of Eleven‘s Biomimicry Competition
– Narinder Sagoo: Partner, Fosters + Partners
– Hakan Gürsu: Founder and CEO, Designnobis / METU ID
– Amro Sallam: Executive Director, Architects for Society
– Eloise Carr: Editor, Eleven Magazine
– Andrea Verenini: Founder, Eleven Magazine
– The 8th Judge: This is you! We will be exhibiting all of the submissions on our website and give the general public the chance to vote for their favourites. The entry that will accumulate more online votes will win the People’s Choice Award and £100!

Preise / Awards
The Winner:
£2,000 cash prize (per team)
+ Publication in Eleven Magazine and our global media partners.
+ Induction in Eleven’s Hall of Fame.
+ One Free Entry Voucher (per team) for future Eleven competitions.

The Runner-up:
£400 cash prize (per team)
+ Publication in Eleven Magazine and our global media partners.
+ One Free Entry Voucher (per team) for future Eleven competitions.

Honorable Mentions:
Publication in Eleven Magazine and our global media partners
+ One Free Entry Voucher (per team) for future Eleven competitions.

People‘s Choice:
£100 cash prize (per team)
+ Publication in Eleven Magazine and our global media partners.
+ Induction in Eleven’s Hall of Fame.
+ One Free Entry Voucher (per team) for future Eleven competitions.

Leistungen / Submission
Two A1 sheets and 500 words explanatory text per team.
Physical models are optional but encouraged.
Projects to be submitted online by the 11th November 2017 by 11AM (UK Time).

Unterlagen / Documents