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Sustainable Tourism is Possible

Tag der Veröffentlichung 01.06.2017
Amtsblattnummer -
Termin 09.10.2017
Verfahren Wettbewerbsbekanntmachung
Zulassungsbereich Sonstige
Sprache EN


Sustainable Tourism is Possible


Sustainable Tourism is Possible

Sustainable Tourism Programme of the UNITED NATIONS


10Year Framework of Programmes
Global Action for Sustainable Consumption and Production

This competition wants to obtain international ideas proposed by students and profesionals (architects, designers, engineers, business planners and others) for the future of 3 areas of the Mexican State of Guanajuato.

We are looking for local solution, but with an innovative and global vision about this strong topic of the Sustainable Tourism for Development.
The United Nations have declared the 2017 the year of the Sustainable Tourism for Developmen and the UN agency UNWTO (United Nation World Tourism Organization) is participating to the 10 YFP with the Sustainable Tourism Programe. But why all this importance to the topic of tourism?
The sector of the Tourism is becoming more and more a driving force for the whole cosiety and the environment. Refering just to the field of hospitality as sector involved with the tourism is an old and limited vision of this phenomenon.
If is not controlled, tourism can ruin the territory and the society.
But if it is designed, it can bring to life the territory and the society.
But what does it mean design the tourism today? Which forces should be involved in a good design?

We require that all the projects give solutions thinking to this new features that the Tourism propose in the contemporary global society.
The best projects will be those that will consider the new risks and the new potentiality of the tourism, giving the best solutions in terms of environmental, social and economical sustainability.

Open ideas competition


Students and Professionals (architects, designers, engineers, business planners and others)

Registration opens: - June 1, 2017
Registration closes: - at 11:59 pm EST on October 09, 2017
All submissions are due: - by 11:59 pm EST on October 09, 2017
Results are discussed: - in October 2017
Announcement is done: - in the early November 2017
First exhibition of the projects is: - in November 2017 in Leon, Mexico

1st place: USD 4.000,–
2nd place: USD 2.000,–
3rd place: USD 1.000,–
3 honourable mentions for each area
20 special mentions

The payment will be in MXN (Mexican Pesos equivalent)