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Vimania ARchitecture competition

Tag der Veröffentlichung -
Amtsblattnummer -
Termin 29.11.2017
Verfahren Wettbewerbsbekanntmachung
Zulassungsbereich EU / EWR
Sprache EN


Vimania ARchitecture competition


Vimania ARchitecture competition
Augmented reality provides us with new research field of architecture. Now you do not need architectural models. We can see the building as it is with all the details. At the same time, it remains virtual model.
These properties are augmented reality give us new opportunities. For example, we can compare the buildings from different regions of the world, from different eras in the same scale. We can make collections of buildings, unimaginable compositions.
These new aspects give the researcher of the architecture an unexpected tools and fundamentally unattainable points of perception. Perhaps we will be able to explore the flow of time in the evolutionary series of buildings from different eras. Traditional classical compositions of cities are broken, being subjected to the inexorable impact of a new instrument of perception. Augmented reality and virtual reality give us the opportunity to create a new philosophy of historical development of architecture. Explore it in every detail.
In this competition, we invite participants to submit 3d models of buildings from your country and your region.
We’ll create augmented reality applications based on the best models.
Participants can create 3D models in 2 categories:
3d model of a modern building with unique details inherent in your region.
3d model of a historic building or monument which is not far from you.
Building models should contain photorealistic textures and at the same time be geometrically optimized, do not contain interior details and various elements that are not visible from the outside. Optimum format of models: 3ds. Also files in format Sketchup 2015 are accepted.
Anmeldeschluss 29.11.2017